MediaMarkt removes Macrovision circumvention devices from the shelves

I just posted the article MediaMarkt removes Macrovision circumvention devices from the shelves.

Webitpr used our news submit to tell us that
the recently introduced German copyright law has struck once again. The law that is based
on the European Copyright Directive (EUCD),…

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Media Markt sucks anyway.

Why would anyone name their product “Macro 2000 copy protection circumvention device”, its like a red flag… This company is stupid… Bye, bye dummy!

Pharkin hippocrits…we’re not allowed to use devices to circumvent copy protection, but for years these bloaters have been using “devices” to circumvent tax laws…accountants !!..:X

There is a legitimate use for these Macrovision removal devices too - Macrovision tends to blow away closed captions (NTSC) - these devices restore closed caption ability on protected videos. Also, some TVs and monitors are adversly affected by Macrovision (I’ve seen a few 5 year old RCA/GE sets that distorted the picture when Macrovision was active). They’re also useful for those that have older TVs without AV inputs and want to connect their DVD player through their VCR (though RF modulators have finally gotten more reasonably prices).

heehee, funny and good point!

dentman42 is correct I have found that if you have both Hitachi Video and TV you will without doubt have this problem also was told this happens with projection TV’s although I haven’t tested this