Mediaface Printing Problem

I’ve been using Mediaface 2.4 for five years and I haven’t had any problems with it until I bought a new HP 6940 Deskjet printer last year. I see no reason for an upgrade as this does everything I need it to do. I originally installed it on Windows 98, but I’m currently running Windows XP SP2. Whenever I print CD inserts and trays with solid colors, I will get bars, stripes, and blocks of a different shade within the perforated sections of the sheet. A workaround that I discovered is to move the section (spine, back, etc.) ever so slightly and this will sometimes solve the problem. Also, if I select “Automatic” instead of “Premium Photo Paper” that sometimes will work, but not always, and I end up wasting a lot of paper to get one that comes out right. My old HP 960 Deskjet printer never had this problem.

I tried printing the CD trays on different paper (other than the Neato inserts) and I still got the bars, but when I printed the CD trays from Photoshop, I didn’t get any bars, so it must be an incompatibility problem - the HP 6940 and Mediaface 2. Perhaps an upgrade to Mediaface 4 or 5 will solve the problem.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

Hi Paul

It’s Greg from Neato tech support.

Interesting problem that you are having. I think that this may be an issue with choosing the proper paper type to get the best result.

Have you tried choosing a paper type such as other photo papers or hp premium plus photo papers? I choose these paper types with my HP printer here and that gives me good consistent results. I think that moving the sections isn’t fixing the problem but it may be the paper type you choose on that print of the insert. However, MediaFACE II is an older program so it may be causing the problem…you never know.

If you can print from Photoshop properly on a consistent basis, we do have templates for Photoshop. If you don’t have them, visit, scroll down to the bottom, click template downloads, right click the link for your template, left click save target as, and this will save the template to your hard drive.

You can download a 10 day trial version of MediaFACE 5.

Visit, click labeling software, click the black MediaFACE 4 cd, and click the word English inside the blue box on the center of the page. Once the program is downloaded, double click to install.

You can check out the frequently asked questions for both versions of the program, visit and click tech support.

Send me an email to or give me a call at 1-800-984-9800 (option 4) if you need more help.

Greg Nilson - Neato tech support