MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18

I have examined the MediaCodeSpeedEdit webpage at and have noticed that “LG GSA-T11N A103” is a supported drive of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18.

Should MediaCodeSpeedEdit also work for LG GSA-T11N with A104 firmware?

There should be no problem with the A104 firmware.

Thank you ala42.

I have attempted to modify the A104 frimware of LG GSA-T11N using MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18.

I first tried loading the LG GSA-T11N A104 firmware to MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18. The firmware download came with two .bin files: a CORE (“A10400C.bin”) and a MAIN file (“A10400M.bin”). I first attempted to load A10400C.bin into MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18 and MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18 crashed. Then I loaded A10400M.bin and options for modification became available.

I wanted to remove riplock so I checked the “increase” checkbox for Read speed Drive settings option.

I wanted to then apply the RPC2 Auto Reset patch, and clicked the “RPC2 Auto Reset” checkbox. On click of the “RPC2 Auto Reset” checkbox, the checkbox became checked and greyed out.

[B]Is the “A10400M.bin” (the “MAIN” file) file the correct file to use for MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18 modifications?

Does the greying of the checkbox indicate a failure to apply the RPC2 Auto Reset patch?[/B]

I have uploaded the LG GSA-T11N A104 firmware with DOS flasher to the file dropper file hosting site and the file may be downloaded at:
File Size: 773,583 bytes File Format: ZIP

Patch the windows GSA-T11N_A104.exe file. The checkbox is greyed out because the MCSE can not reverse the patch.

After loading GSA-T11N_A104.exe into MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.1.0.18, an option cross flash to a different drive model became available; this did not occur with the A10400M.bin file.

So it seems that the best action to take to flash the GSA-T11N drive is to find the TM02 GSA-T10N drive firmware and mod it with MediaCodeSpeedEdit to remove riplock, patch to RPC2 Auto Reset, and update media codes and write strategies acquired from GSA-T11N A104 (which is newer than TM02 for GSA-T10N).

Any special reason you do not simply use the GSA-T11N_A104.exe firmware ???

[QUOTE=ala42;2136879]Any special reason you do not simply use the GSA-T11N_A104.exe firmware ???[/QUOTE]Yes. The GSA-T10N firmwares have support for DVD-RAM, while the GSA-T11N A104 does not. I believe that DVD-RAM support would be useful to have and therefore prefer a modified GSA-T10N firmware to a modified GSA-T11N firmware.

It would have been more desirable to also have the GSA-T10N firmware RPC1, but it does not seem to be currently available for newer firmware (RPC1 GSA-T10N firmware from The Dangerous Brothers seems to be older than TM01 or TM02).

I forgot to mention above that the GSA-T10N firmware is able to write to DVD-R DL media while the firmware for GSA-T11N cannot.

I report that the LG GSA-T11N has been sucessfully been crossedflashed to GSA-T10N with TM02 MediaCodeSpeedEtit patched firmware (antiriplock, RPC II autoreset, and crossflash patches).

The drive is now working quite nicely except for one point: it still has region coding. Although better than not having the ability to play different media coded to different regions, it is somewhat annoying having to frequently reboot to be able to play the discs coded to different regions.

Thanks ala45. MediaCodeSpeedEdit and your council have been helpful.