MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers



Is there no comparable alternative tool in active developement than MCSE (MediaCodecSpeedEdit)?
If he does not keep to develope it, it is considerably absndonware. No reason to keep the source code closed.

If Ala42 made money from it (like Peter IsoBuster) during active developement, keeping it closed source would be reasonable. But otherways, it cripples developement unless there is a compareable open-source, cross-platform alternative software.

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The book type of the disc can be spoofed (only between +R/RW and ROM. There was code 1101 for DVD+RW DL, which unfortunately was never released).

+RW can always be changed, +R only once prior to burning.
Nero DiscSpeed and QpxTools can do it.


alexnoe’s libdvd can be used to change the booktype to whatever you want by using a BenQ or NEC drive.
You can change to arbitrary formats, DVD±R(W), DVD+R DL, DVD-ROM or even -RAM


AFAIK no CD/DVD/BD open source firmwares exist today.
Many embedded systems run Linux, which is open source and licensed under GNU GPL. The vendors have to release their firmware source as it’s required by GPL.
As for the firmware for disc drives, these are proprietarily developed and they have no reason to release their source code. They DO NOT rely on any open source software.


Hopefully, somebody comes up with superior and universal third party firmware/softwares/modifications, that are OpenSource too.
Already done with RockBox for portable multimedia playing devices.

Universal open-source optical disc drive firmwares?

No more MCSE, that’s very sad…
Back then I used it to mod Pioneer DVD writers (up to model 217) running on NEC/Renesas chipsets for RPC1.
Now I won’t buy a brand-new DVD/BD writer anymore and will always look out for good used ones…


There should better be an open-source successor of it.