MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers



Is it possible to add the Samsung [B]Samsung SH-224DB[/B] to [B]MediaCodeSpeedEdit[/B] tool?

Brand: Samsung
Model: SH-224DB
Factory number: SH-224DB/BEBE
EAN: 8806085376625
Supports: DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - 24x/24x/12x
Serial ATA
13.3 cm ( 5.25" )

Can someone tell me if it is possible to remove riplock for these drives?


[QUOTE=Vaako;2708427]Is it possible to add the Samsung [B]Samsung SH-224DB[/B] to [B]MediaCodeSpeedEdit[/B] tool?

Can someone tell me if it is possible to remove riplock for these drives?[/QUOTE]

Read the other posts, dude!!


Ok, now I’ve been having consistent issues with a specific MFR code of DL discs - so I went out and got an iHAS124W (the only one available at this point!) and also a Plextor PX-891SAW (retail!).

I can’t seem to get the media codes for either of them.

Could someone please assist!

Thank you!

(fwiw, my other drives are an Optiarc 7280S, an ASUS 24B1ST, and a 24B3LT - can’t get the media codes for any of those either)


Hi guys!

So glad to have found you. I just bought a Samsung SN-506BB drive (internal) and I would like to have its firmware patched for rip-lock and any other useful goodies! I unfortunately can’t contribute much except from a link with the current firmware which is not supported by MCSE.


Is there a possibility to add support for this drive in a future update?



Hi Guys,

i’wonder when the optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS 1.Z8 will be compatible with MCSE?

i’d like to burn some discs at 2.4x.

if there’s some other way,i’d be glad if you enlighten me :wink:

Thanks a lot!!


Hi GameClub, welcome to the MyCE forums.

I don’t think MediaCodeSpeedEdit is being maintained anymore, so it will probably not support any drive/firmware that it doesn’t already support.




Anyone knows why Ala42 has stopped releasing new MCSE versions?
Have used this extensively to crack various drives esp. Pioneers…

Now I don’t even bother buying new DVD writers anymore due to this

Anyway can someone petition to Ala42 to continue the MCSE project?


Firmware for new DVDRW and BDRE drives is encrypted. Trying to modify them without manufacturer assistance always results in the drives falling into a failsafe mode because the drive can tell the firmware has been modified.


What an excellent tool.
I have a few feature suggestions for MediaCodecSpeedEdit:

  • Ability to download the existing firmware as backup from the drive, before messing around.
  • Ability to bypass deadlocks on dead sectors.
  • Linux release and open-source to help developement.
  • RPM measurement and limitation.
  • Forensic tools.
  • Access to sensors (temperature, vibration, etc.).
  • 52× DAE, even on CD-RW.
  • Read data during acceleration on/ofd.
  • Disable forced stopping and let the disc gently slow down.
  • Manually adjust ZCLV/PCAV/CAV/CLV
  • Ability to burn media with wrong speed (eg. burn a CD-RW HS too slow or too fast. HS = high speed = 8×-12×). For testing purposes.
  • Max out (allow 60× read/write speed. Could break disc, but power users know the danger. Testing purposes).
  • Ability to repair laser-damaged DVD-RW (Quora link: “Even if they do not permanently alter the material in the data layer, they can erase the track data, rendering the disk useless to ordinary disk drives. You would need a specialized disk drive to re-write the track information.”).
  • Ability to enforce high rotation speeds despite damaged discs. Disc drives slow down on damage, but sometimes, dealing with damage is easier at high speeds, surprisingly.
  • (continued by edits)

Interesting documentation of a Samsung SE-218:


Unfortunately, this tool was discontinued a long time ago.
ala42 has no interest to open-source it. I’m sure of that.
This tool is even protected by packer to prevent you from disassembling it.


Is there no comparable alternative in active developement?
If he does not keep to develope it, it is considerably absndonware. No reason to keep the source code closed.

If he made money from it (like IsoBuster) during active developement, keeping it closed source would be reasonable. But not otherways.


They deliberately encrypt the firmware of the disc drive?
Why does world not care about power users and data scientists/forensicians? Same for Galaxy S6 in 2015: Hyun Yeul Lee removed half the features and sensors. There is no all-in-one smartphone so far. ”mother of all phones” — bbbobbbo from XDA forums in 2015.

There should be more open-sourced firmwares for embedded systems, to enhance developement, versatility and customizability for passionate users.
HiFi/DVD recorders (eg. Sharp, SunPlus,…), cameras such as Lumix DMC-Fz1000 or Sony RX, disc drive firmwares should also be open-sourced. Take example: Linux and Android rely on being OpenSource..


Is there no comparable alternative tool in active developement than MCSE (MediaCodecSpeedEdit)?
If he does not keep to develope it, it is considerably absndonware. No reason to keep the source code closed.

If Ala42 made money from it (like Peter IsoBuster) during active developement, keeping it closed source would be reasonable. But otherways, it cripples developement unless there is a compareable open-source, cross-platform alternative software.

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The book type of the disc can be spoofed (only between +R/RW and ROM. There was code 1101 for DVD+RW DL, which unfortunately was never released).

+RW can always be changed, +R only once prior to burning.
Nero DiscSpeed and QpxTools can do it.


alexnoe’s libdvd can be used to change the booktype to whatever you want by using a BenQ or NEC drive.
You can change to arbitrary formats, DVD±R(W), DVD+R DL, DVD-ROM or even -RAM


AFAIK no CD/DVD/BD open source firmwares exist today.
Many embedded systems run Linux, which is open source and licensed under GNU GPL. The vendors have to release their firmware source as it’s required by GPL.
As for the firmware for disc drives, these are proprietarily developed and they have no reason to release their source code. They DO NOT rely on any open source software.


Hopefully, somebody comes up with superior and universal third party firmware/softwares/modifications, that are OpenSource too.
Already done with RockBox for portable multimedia playing devices.

Universal open-source optical disc drive firmwares?

No more MCSE, that’s very sad…
Back then I used it to mod Pioneer DVD writers (up to model 217) running on NEC/Renesas chipsets for RPC1.
Now I won’t buy a brand-new DVD/BD writer anymore and will always look out for good used ones…


There should better be an open-source successor of it.