MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers

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Hi ala42, can you add S17J 1.10 to your next MSCE? Thanks.

Hi ala42, thanks for your continued work on MCSE. Can you add support for Pioneer DVR-219L 1.02 with your next release? Thanks!

Hi ala42 hoping you could add support for the Pioneer DVR-220L 1.01 with the next release. Cheers

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Hi ala42… any chance to add support for Pioneer DVR-108 firmware version 1.20???

Pardon my ignorance but does the MediaCode software work on BR drives?

(read about supported drives, some older Liteon and a few LGs are supported, but to my knowledge this software is not developped anymore and this since October 2011)

A general question to this cool software: If a MID is in the list, but no speed is listed, do the writer have a strategy for this media or use a default strategy?

If I am correct it should use the slowest write speed with the default write strategy.

Thought so, Mid PRINCO is in the list and only write speed is 1x

But don´t understand why, the MId isn´t needed because the same strategy would be used for unknown media

For princo media 1x speed was the only speed that you could write them and maybe, maybe, have disc that was somehow readable

Do you mean PRINCO 1x with the Pio or with all writers?

What I need to say is that princo was a horrible media, and almost no drive was able to achieve a mediocre burn, also most of the time you could not complete a TRT right after the disc was burned, so I am not surprised that most manufacturers will only allow you to burn this media in 1x speed, this might be the only speed that you could have a burn princo media that could work for a couple of hours, days if you are luck.
I never was lucky with princo DVD media, all the disc that I had burned were unreadable, thankfully it was backups of movies, so no data loss for me.

Newer drives -except Pioneer, no matter if original or QSI-made- will burn 4x and make an partially readable (LG) or an unrecognizable (Liteon) result.

But the old Benq-drives and Pioneer are not that bad with it

But the PRINCO don´t like high read speeds, mostly

What can I say, if you have better luck with princo media, then thats good, but I never had any luck with them. So I avoid them back in the day, now its very hard to find any princo dvd-r.
Also try to read them after six or seven months later, it would be interesting to see if there is any degradation.

The Princo from Lifetec I get very cheap at Ebay some month ago, don´t knew wthat Princo is inside and never had Princo DVD-media before, so no experience with longevity.

I will do a rescan next year with it

BTW, I think Princo still exist, even if I don´t see their media in german shops. And Princo is the only company I know which sells 24x-media :wink:

I have no idea if they still exist, I do hope that they have improved their quality.
24x for DVD’s this is a marketing thing, only a few MCC and TY media could reach those speeds and have good results, plus what you save on the time that it took to burn the disc did not made any huge difference.

I’ll wait for the scan of those princo DVD’s :wink:

You will get it :wink:

Heres the list for Princo 24x