MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for NEC/Optiarc DVD-Writers

You can’t change single speeds of the write strats. You can only swap an entire write stat with all the speeds that belong to it.
Maybe ala can help you out here.

Why is everybody who’s working on firmware modifications advising against changing the strats for RW’s ?

I have some 2,4 speed DVD+RW and I would really like to try these @ 4 speed
Is this possible at all?

(I don’t mind trying and destroying the test disks in the process :slight_smile: )

RW media are a bit picky. Especially fresh disks do no like to be burned using wrong parameters, as the dye changes during the first about 10 burnes. In the worst case you will kill one disk, so just do it :).

Ok thats all i needed to know

the disks aren’t fresh and have at least 30 burns ‘experiance’ on them
i’ll try them @4x and if anybody is interested i’ll let you know what happened

i’m going in :bigsmile:

most people have the old dvd-writer nec3500AG.
In my country POLAND 1of10 people have this drive.
can you add NEC3500 for software MediaCodeSpeedEdit

My bad… Don’t know how I missed his post…

Is there any way to import the strats of another firmware into the currently open firmware? I’d like to continue using an oversped write strat from Dee’s firmware. But if I use Dee’s firmware I get an oversped option on another MID that I don’t want. I’d like to keep Ricoh R02 004 at 12x instead of 16x to save me having to keep selecting 12x in Nero each time I burn using media with that MID.

Does this make sense?

You can call that LAZY. All that trouble for not having to select 12x in Nero :confused:

Yup! But not only that. I don’t know what Dee has done to the strats that are oversped so it may not match the strat swap in the default firmware for all I know.

One of the current limitations is the missing option to disable write speeds for a given MID. Hopefully ala42 will solve this issue in a future release. This way you will be able to remove 16X from your R02’s in Dee-27’s firmware.

It makes sense, but I do not want to deal with the low level strategy structures at all. This would take more time than I can spend.

A better response would have been “so…How much is this feature worth to you” $$ :smiley:

Why doesn’t MCSE allow changing the write speed within a strategy like Omnipatcher does?

Wasn’t it already answered?

MCSE does allow disabling a write speed for most supported firmwares. This feature is not implemented for NEC firmwares yet, because it is non trivial and I did not had the time to check the details.

MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.5.3 is out. Not much did change for NEC users. Thanks to the tests made by a brave soul the ND-6650A support is released now. I am still looking for an alpha tester having a NEC 3530 drive.
The next major MCSE feature will be the 3500 support, but that might take a few weeks because I am busy with real life.

Here is the (quite short) NEC related changelog.

Changelog  26 Jun 2005
  - added NEC ND-6650A support

Download Changelog

Thanks ala!

Can’t wait!!!

we will still waiting for support NEC 3500AG!!!

great news :wink: