MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for NEC/Optiarc DVD-Writers

I didn’t mean to imply that to few firmwares were supported. I don’t even know what firmwares are released for BenQ/Philips. I only noticed that a new firmware release seems to require a new version of MCSE and was wondering if this would be the case with NEC as well. However…

…I missed that part. Sorry. But…

…it seems like there are restrictions after all :slight_smile:

This is a bug! :eek:

Thanks ala42 for the NEC support in MCSE. :bow:

Hmm, some still have Quikee’s patcher:wink:
But, from what I have seen there is small (or no) interest among firmware patchers to ever release a “foolproof” patching tool for the 3500. :sad:

I know in the mean time :). I could not find your latest firmware first, so my first comment was based on the guess that a second +R9 table would have caused the problem, but it was a bug sleeping inside MCSE for quite a while…

i KNOW but i dont have the patcher :wink:

I agree with The Master support for the NEC 3500 would be nice.

You people did notice this quote by ala42, right?

Other firmwares will follow, but require a different table scanner and a different strategy swapper.

Here are the NEC releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.5.1

Changelog  12 Jun 2005
        - fixed bug in renaming +R9 MIDs
        - added renaming for -R9 MIDs
        NEC related changes:
          - improved handling of +R9 table in Liggy/Dee patched firmwares
          - improved speed table detection
          - enabled lossless strategy swapping for RW and DL media

I am looking for alpha testers having NEC 3530, 6650 or Samsung TS-H552C drives.

Download Changelog

Thanks ala42! I hope I can try a change with the Ritek DVD+R DL write strat this week. See picture of my Ritek DVD+R DL capable of 8x :slight_smile:

no testing for nec 3500AG :Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z

Apparently it’s possible to uses DVD+R strategies on DVD-R and visa versa. Will we see this implented at a later date? Quikee apparently sent you the spec ala42.

I feel confident we will see ND-3500 support sooner or later. There are some differences between the structure of the ND-3500 firmware and newer NEC drives. IMHO ala42 seems to know exactly what he’s doing so it’s all a matter of time :slight_smile:

i know i know and its no problem :wink:

The current strategy swapping is done on a very high level and thanks to the table structure of the 3520/40 firmware it is trival. In fact it is just changing one single byte in an index column + adapting the checksum. The older firmwares do not offer this index and require more changes as already pointed out.
I do not plan to exchange +R and -R strategies, which means copying strategy data on a low level, as this is too time consuming.

Can the TYG-02 be exchanged for the TYG-03 in the NEC 3520 or the 3540.

Indeed it can.

Thanks OP…

Any plans to support the ND3530a? Freaking Dell sent me a non mainstream drive…

Reading could help sometimes :iagree:

… and in case reading does not help, a thread search does :slight_smile:

I found a strategy that works better on my discs, the only problem is in order to get it perfect, I need it to start the burn at a speed higher than 4x… namely, 6x and the strategy as-is has a 8x maximum so it starts it at 4x zclv rising to 8x.

I need to somehow make it be 12x and stay the same writing strategy so it starts the burn at 6x… is there any way I can do this?