MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for NEC/Optiarc DVD-Writers

MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for NEC DVD-Writers

MediaCodeSpeedEdit allows you to get even more out of your NEC burner by applying changes to the official firmware. MediaCodeSpeedEdit also supports models of other manufacturers, see the main MCSE discussion thread for details.

Key features of the NEC support:
1/ Support for most NEC and Optiarc DVD writer drives
2/ Support for official .exe flasher, .bin firmware files and unofficial patched firmware files.
3/ Increasing the DVD write speed by lossless write strategy swapping.
4/ Replacing of Media Codes with manually entered or imported Media Codes for currently unsupported Media Codes.
5/ Text file export of Media Code and write speed tables.

:cop: Using patched firmware might damage your drive and will void your warranty.
:cop: The use of MediaCodeSpeedEdit is at your own risk.

Supported firmwares:
NEC ND-1300A
NEC ND-2500A/2510A
NEC ND-2510A
NEC ND-3500A, ND-6500A
NEC ND-3520A, ND-3540A, ND-6650A
NEC ND-3550A, ND-3551A, ND-4550A, ND-4551A
NEC ND-4570A, ND-4571A
NEC ND-3650A, ND-4650A
NEC ND-6750A, ND-7550A, ND-7551A
Optiarc DVD±RW AD-5540A 102C
Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170A 1.11,1.13
Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170S 1.12
Optiarc DVD RW AD-5200A 1.01
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A 1.02,1.04
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S 1.02
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A 1-01,1-03
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173S 1-02
Optiarc DVD RW 7200A/S, 7203A/S 1.01/1.05
Optiarc DVD RW 7201A 1.05
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7540A 1.01
Optiarc SONY DVD RW AW-G170A

1/ Download the firmware you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the firmware .exe or .bin file.
4/ To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error. Check the Changing NEC DVD±R write strategies (results thread) to see if your modification has been tried before.
5/ Save the firmware.
6/ Start the modified flasher or flash the .bin file.
7/ Reboot.

Known restrictions:

  • Do not be surprised when Liggy & Dee’s optimised write strategies lead to better results than your own tries :).
  • MCSE exchanges complete write strategies, e.g. RICOHJPNR02@RICOHJPNR03 and does not support changing strategies of each single write speed part, so you can not exchange just the 12x part of a strategy.
  • Lossless strategy swapping is available on +R and -R media on 3520 and newer drives firmwares. Other swaps will disable the source MID.
  • Strategy swapping for RW and DL media is not recommended but available by renaming the media code name.
  • Changing (disabling) of write speeds is currently not implemented.


Latest Version:

MCSE Homepage MCSE Homepage Mirror Download Changelog Main MCSE discussion thread

This first post has been updated to reflect the current development state of MCSE V

Ooh! Dangerous in the wrong hands? :wink:

If anyone finds a better write strategy for Fujifilm Yuden T02’s @ 16x on 3540 let me know :iagree:


MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.5.0 is out, offering NEC support for the first time. I have started with the firmwares which are easy to support in MCSE because their table structure is like usual. Other firmwares will follow, but require a different table scanner and a different strategy swapper.

Changelog  09 Jun 2005
        - added first support for NEC ND-3520A and ND-3540A
          including lossless strategy swapping
          Special thanks to Quikee and Liggy for supplying NEC specific infos
          and to PDU and Scorpiosoft for the alpha tests.

I am looking for alpha testers having NEC 3530, 6650 drives.

Download Changelog

Awesome work. Finally I can get my TYG01 strategy back to TYG01 where it belongs.
Thanks so much.

Oops. I just read the fine print, no 3500 support. Awesome job anyway.

My prayers have been heard . Maybe there is a God after all:)

I’m in heaven :bow:

ala42, you are the greatest :iagree:
Thanks :bow:


Drive: ND-35540A
Firmware: NEC 1.01
Burnspeed: 12X
Burntime: 6:52

Post the results in the Changing NEC DVD±R write strategies (results thread) next time.

No prob.

Ala42, Thanks for your great work! Will post scans in other thread if I got some…

could you please add the nec 3500ag :wink: that would be very nice :wink:

support for nec3500 would be super

I noticed that only some BenQ and Philips firmwares are supported by MCSE. Are there any limitations in regards to firmware support on the ND-3540A?

Excellent work! Do you plan to support the ND-2500 in a future release?


When playing with the DVD+R DL write strats in your tool I noticed a ‘bug’. I used Liggy 3540 1.01dtb rpc1 firmware for this.

  • Change Ritek D01 to MKM 001 and all the DVD+R DL are no longer in the list.

  • Change Ritek D01 to MKM 002 and all the DVD+R DL write speeds change out of order (see picture). New future, DVD+R DL at 16x!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only some ? :slight_smile:
BENQ 1610 B8M9,B8T9,B8V9
BENQ 1620 B7P9,B7T9,B7U9,B7V9,47L9,G7P9,G7T9,G7V9
HP 630c AH26/CH16
HP 640c ES04
PHILIPS DVDR1640P P3.2, P3.4, P3.5, B3.2, B3.4, T3.4

These only some firmwares are all firmwares released in the last half year I know of. The only missing firmware is 47N9, but that is messed up.
I had to change the firmware startup code on Benq firmwares to allow changing the +R table, which is unpacked during firmware startup. This is a critical operation which could kill a drive if the firmware changes in an unexpected way, so it is only enabled for known and tested firmwares in the released version for safety reasons.

Are there any limitations in regards to firmware support on the ND-3540A?

Maybe you should read my first post in this thread again :slight_smile:

Supported firmwares:
Currently there are no built in firmware version restrictions for the supported drives, as the media code tables had the same structure in all checked firmwares.

I thought a speedup was really neccessary :slight_smile:

This is not really a bug, it is a missing feature. MCSE can not support all of Liggy’s patched firmwares using a modified duplicate of the +R9 table (so there are two almost identical tables) in all extents, especially if the firmware is released just two days before MCSE :). I have added a special dirty hack to cope with the anomalies of the +R9 table copy in 1W3, but I did not even knew about 1.01dtb.

Btw., the speed information is not used for the strategy swapping at all, so as long as the media name table is displayed correctly, the change should work, even if MCSE would not display the table again after the change. This just means that the MCSE table scanner can not locate the media code names it looks for. If you rename all keywords MCSE is searching for, you can also disable the display of the other tables, but you do not delete the table.
MCSE also does not regenerate the complete table, it only changes a single entry if you select the change.

Despite this special problem, as I wrote already in my first post, strategy swapping on DL media is not recommended at all.

Correction: This is indeed a bug occuring when renaming +R9 media only.
Strategy swapping of +R and -R or renaming RW media works fine.

I only added bitsetting capabilitites to this firmware - no strategy changes. Beside some other things, I’m currently working on a reliable way to extract the necessary offsets.