MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

I used MCSE to crossflash my (Benq OEM DW1670) IOMagic IDVD168DL with firmware 100 to Benq DW1670 fimware 103. It worked perfectly. Thanks for the awesome software!



hey ala how bout selectable read speed patch speeds?

Not sure if the Question is directed to me or not, anyway the details are here:


This is not really on top of my todo list :slight_smile:

o don’t sugar coat it. when you say that it tells me you’ll do it eventually. c’mon crush my dreams if true

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EXT is greyed out so I can’t change it and the speedsettings I can’t change…anyway how 2 change it…?

A screenshot or exact details about what you are talking about at all could help :slight_smile:

Is work being done to support 6B31 firmware (DW2000) and if so how soon can we see a new version of MCSE? :flower: :bow: :clap:

The DW2000 support is implemented and will be in the next release. Do not know yet when it will be released.

Always looking forward to download your great program, ala42 :slight_smile:

Please add support firmware BCIB Benq DW1655

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
The current support for BCIB will not be changed due to free space problems in the firmware.

Did anyone change the write strategy for 1655 to use Dynex mcc 03rg20 media

I have change my BenQ burner for a Samsung S182M burner which is so better than BenQ!! :wink: Goodbye BenQ! :wink:

that bad, any chance to cut out 2.0/2.4 and 4.0 media ?

Which improvement do you see in the 1655 BCIB firmware that BCHB does not offer ?

For me the BCIB firmware is better than the BCHB firmware because it doesn’t suffer from the same burnspeed-drops-to-4x problem as the BCHB firmware.

When 1655 was manufactured, Benq announced it would stop production of burners.
So I think that 1655 firmwares are not perfect.

So, BCIB firmware seems to be the best, but not the perfection (with DVD+R 16x Philips).
And my 1655 was going to already die…

MCSE Does Not Support BCIC Firmware of Benq 1650 ?

Support for this Firmware is Not Listed on the First page :frowning: