MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

As said often enough, there is no riplock on benq firmwares. Either your DMA settings or IDE driver is not ok, or you have one of the rare DVDs a Benq drives does not like. There were some scans posted before of very slow transfer rates on some special disks. If all your DVD-Video rip at 2x, also check your DVD-Data disks. If they are also slow, check your DMA settings.
Could you post a cdspeed transfer rate scan ?

when we get mcse for benq bcib?

The next release will support the read speed patch for BCIB, but will not support any write strategy changes. I have not seen any improvement with BCIB, so supporting it is not worth the risk involved with solving the low free space issue in the firmware.

Will it support simple disabling of selected write speeds?

No, for BCIB it will no even support the media table display, just the read speed patch will be available.

Looking forward to see the patch and then thank.s you.

I can offer you this one: 01 Oct 2006
        - added read speed patch for BENQ DW1655 BCIB. There is still no
          editing of the media table possible for BCIB.

Thank you ala42 but I don’t see this version could you give us the link for it. BTW: great to see you are still around and active.

You’ll always find link to latest MCSE version and changelog in the first post of this thread.
Hope it helps. :wink:

Dunno why I waited so long to use your patch but I thank you. It’s the chit!

Thanks pinto I got it now and of course thanks to you and your effort ala42.

Used it with BCDB and though it says it now supports BCIB, in the actual download it doesnt list it. Will it apply the speed patch with IB or no?

If the check box is active (not grayed out) then yes.

Yes it will.

But that’s also the only thing MCSE can do with the BCIB firmware - it won’t even display the media table.

See post #1051 above.

Rgr that!

Here are the Benq releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.9.3:

Changelog 20 Nov 2006
        - added support for BENQ DVD DC DW1800 ZB34 (LITE-ON LH-18A1P clone)
        - added PLEXTOR DVDR PX-751A@BENQ DW1670 crossflash option

Download Changelog

Am I not seeing it or is there no way to change the string with which a drive IDs? For example, I have a DW1570 QEM drive in which I would like to use the BENQ firmware–it seems to support the most media–but I would like it to ID as a Sony 820A. Am I asking too much? It’s possible to do this with Lite-ON drives using CodeKings tools, so I was hoping… :slight_smile:

Thanks ala42! This is a very nice tool.

You mean a DW1670? What you need to do is run MSCE, load the firmware you want to modify (for example, the latest DW1670 firmware file is 103.exe, the Sony firmware would have a different name), then at the lower-right corner where it says “Cross flash settings” you select your CURRENT drive id (the I/O Magic OEM drive would be ATAPI DVD DC 16X8X5). Then save the modified firmware and run it…

willmore wants to keep the drive id after crossflashing. This is not on top of my todo list :slight_smile:

Ala42 is right. Okay, I understand priorities. :slight_smile: As long as it’s on the list somewhere. :slight_smile: Thanks Ala42!