MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

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Slightly off topic in Benq forum, but MCSE also supports Samsung SH-W163A [B]TS01[/B], at least read-only. I have not tried to modify the file.

Philips DVDR 1660P1 1.5 is also supported (apparently the same media list as Benq 1650 BCHC).


Philips DVDR 1660P1 1.5/Philips DVDR 1668P1 1.5 have ‘silent’ support, as it has not been tested on a real drive.

ala, your current download of mediacodespeededit is corrupt

Works for me. (Link)

link and download are fine

doesn’t work for me

1- Clean the TEMP folder in C:\Documents and Settings\NEKROS***\Local Settings\Temp\ (delete all files)
2.a- Download and try again
2.b- Alternatively, download and save to another folder. Extract MediaCodeSpeedEdit.exe and run from there.

still the same

Must be a proxy problem. Follow the link in my signature and load the file from the mirror.

mirror works fine


You might want to change ISP. Transparent proxies suck IMHO, especially when there is no way to convince them to redownload the file…

Here are the Benq releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.8.13:

Changelog 30 May 2006
        - added support for BENQ DVD DD DW1640 BSQB

Download Changelog

Thanks ala42. :bow:

Thanks for your work ala42. :slight_smile:

I have many BenQ DVD-R media (DAXON008S…). What write strategy shall I use? It’s only 8x media, but very good quality. (I have other dvd writer: Pioneer DVR-111.)

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That is kind of OT IMHO. You’d probably get much better feedback if you start a new thread either in the Benq forum or the blank media forum. (I’m assuming your DVD writer is some sort of Benq or Philips or you wouldn’t be asking here)

This thread is primarily for discussing the program mediacodespeededit and issues relating to it’s use with Benq writers. What write strategy is best should be in it’s own topic/thread.

Here are the Benq releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.8.15:

Changelog 29 Jun 2006
        - added support for BENQ DVD DD DW1640 BSRB
        - verified support for BENQ DVD DC DW1670 1.02

Download Changelog

Thanks for your great work ala42.:wink:

I tried to increase the read speed to my dw1640 with latest firmware and patched with MediaCodeSpeedEdit
I only marked the point “increase read speed”. After flashing the patched firmware, I expected a higher speed while ripping with dvdshrink (compression at 100% = no compression). The ripping speed was exactly the same as before. (sure I have rebooted)

Second question: Is there any other change in the patched firmware, when I only mark the “increase read speed” feature in MCSE?