MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

Regarding this - is there a way to slow the read speed in CloneDVD2? I don’t think I’ve seen this option.

What exactly are the problems caused? Will the read operation fail, or won’t you know until you burn the disc and get a playback error, video corruption, etc? Do you have any examples of such discs?

Thanks for the info!


What exactly are the problems caused? Will the read operation fail, or won’t you know until you burn the disc and get a playback error, video corruption, etc? Do you have any examples of such discs?

I think ala42 is just saying certain pressed discs may read
very slow if you have applied the read speed patch.

Except his suggestion to “Reduce the read speed in your ripping software if you encounter such a disk” would not follow the scenario you suggest.

Further - couldn’t you use AnyDVD to slow the read speed? There’s an option to control drive speed (to reduce noise mostly), but wouldn’t this also limit the max read speed?

If so then you could use that function to limit read speed for any hardware/software combination. (I think I found a solution to my own problem if this is the case.)

There were reports of DVD-DL pressed disks that were read by the drive quite slowly if the drive started to read these disks at a high read speed. When reading them at the usual read speed this problem did not occur.

Yes. :bigsmile:

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So one last Q before giving this a shot…
Has anyone had a problem after increasing the read speed with failed disc reads or the resulting DVD copy having video corruption, playback problems or any other type glitches?

Basically I’m not willing to sacrifice quality for speed here. But if I can get a speed increase and keep the original read quality, I’m all about it.

I’ve been using ala42’s program and applying
the read speed patch for over a year and never
had a problem. YMMV. :slight_smile:

No problems with this program on thet 1620 for 9 months. Testing 1650 with speedpatch for 1 month now - no problems either for reading orburning.

lol Well I found a few DVDs that definitely exhibit the slow read speed issue - X-Men 2, Twister, and Die Another Day. Funny thing is all had DTS and RCE protection. Probably unrelated, but a funny coincidence.

Twister and X2 wanted 20+ minutes to rip, and Die Another Day ripped about the same as the normal firmware, except I could hear the drive spin up for a few seconds then slow back down. This cycle repeated, so I figured it was bad to let it go that way.

Interesting though, when I tried a transfer rate test in Nero CD/DVD Speed with these discs, they read up to 16x. When I tried to rip in CloneDVD2 is when I had the slowdowns.

have you tried other progs like decrypter? are the results the same?

I have not, and I’m not really interested to. I’m very happy with CloneDVD, so I’ll sacrifice a few minutes read speed. We’re only talking 5x-12x vs 6x-16x, so not a big deal to me. I already flashed back last night and the problem went away.

Here are the Benq releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.8.9:

Changelog  18 May 2006
        Additional support for Benq Panax chipset drives:
          - added support for BENQ DVD DC DW1670
          - added support for SONY DVD RW DRU-820A 1.0b (Benq DW1670 clone)
          - added support for ATAPI DVD DC 16X8X5 (Benq DW1670 OEM)
          - added crossflash option for DW1670 firmwares
          - added support for BENQ DVD DC DQ60 (TEAC 516E clone)
          - added support for PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A (TEAC 516E clone)
          - added disabling of write speeds, which enables 12x PCAV
            write strategies when disabling 16x write
          - added display of 12x write speed if 16x is available for
            easier 12 write speed support after disabling 16x
          Thanks to DMagic1, ghetocowboy, yanxi and zevia for the tests.

Download Changelog

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Big Thanks for the 12x options.

@ ala42: with the newest version of MediaCodeSpeedEdit ( it ist not possible to reduce the write speed for Benq 1620 (FW B7W9.exe). The Radio Buttons are greyed out.
When i use 1.6.5, this option is available.
Can you check this?

Confirmed. Will be fixed when I come home.

Please add support for DRX-820UL 2.0c firmware.

It seems to be supported fine by the current version. The only thing missing is a test with a patched firmware on a real drive.

Here are the Benq releated changes of MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.8.11:

Changelog 23 May 2006
        - added support for PHILIPS DVDR1640P P3.7
        - added support for PHILIPS PBDV1640P B3.7
        - added crossflash option for Benq DW60 firmwares, supporting
          crossflash from Benq DW60 OEM (ATAPI   DVD DC 8X16X8X) and  
          Plextor PX-750 firmware to Benq DQ60 retail firmwares
          Thanks to DMagic1, KTL  and yanxi for the tests. 19 May 2006
        - fixed bug that disabled the write speed checkboxes for most 
          firmwares. Bug was introduced with V
          Thanks to Supi for reporting the problem.

Download Changelog