MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

can the current MCSE be used to increase readspeed?

It appears yes, on the 1640. No on the 1650.
I have not tried it - I’m waiting for the new
version from ala42.

I don’t think so. Not the recently released May 2nd firmware.
We are all waiting patiently for ala42 to add support for the new firmware to the MediaCodeSpeed Edit utility. The new DW1655 BCHB firmware will not load on the current version.

sorry, i meant firmware BSPB.
i thought the patch may work as the checkbox isn’t deactivated. just wanted to be sure, because the media table is empty.

Yes, you can use the read speed patch if the checkbox is active. It also should have been active for the new 1650/1655 firmwares, but this feature is not active by mistake.

Alan; does current MCSE support the recent BenQ “BCHB” f/w for drive 1655?.

The released versions supports media swapping only for firmwares available at the MCSE release date.

Thanks Alan; my really concern is not for media swapping but whether the present version of MCSE is support BenQ 1655 BCHB for “Reading Speed” or not. Otherwise is Reading Speed" always applicable regardless of 1655 f/w version.

Read post #931 again.

MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.8.8 is out.

Changelog  04 May 2006
        - added support for BENQ DVD DD DW1640 BSPB
        - added support for BENQ DVD DD DW1650 BCHC
        - added support for BENQ DVD LS DW1655 BCHB
          Thanks to zevia for testing the 1650/1655 firmwares.
          For technical reasons (running out of free space in the firmware)
          display and swapping of DVD-R9 and 2.4x DVD+R9 is currently not
          available for 1655 BCHB.
        - enabled read speed patch for unknown benq 1650/1655 firmwares

Download Changelog

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Thanks Alan.

Thanks man!

I also noticed this “- enabled read speed patch for unknown benq 1650/1655 firmwares”


P.S. The RPC version of the 2 drives are out!


What’s your verdict for DW1650 BCHC? Worth doing or dont touch in your opinion?

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Thank you so much ala!!

i was just wondering why DVD-R DL doesn’t show in the firmware?

BCHB_speedpatched_speedsettings.txt (7.56 KB)

Please read the changelog again in post#936 by ala42. :slight_smile:

Sorry ala; credit is only going to you thanks for your effort.