MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

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Does MediaCodeSPeedEdit work on Benq 1650 BCFC?

Look at post#904 by ala42 above. :wink:

I can verify that it absolutely does and very well at that.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: It’s so hard to keep up with the latest firmware.

Im still waiting for the Dangerous Bro’s RPC1 patch.

Speaking of which, if the official firmware is supported by MediaCodeSpeedEdit, does it mean the RPC1 patch from Dangerous Bros should in theory be ok as well?

No, but I have no doubt the TDB’s patches will work as usual.

Version is out.

Changelog 11 Apr 2006
- fixed bug disabling -R lossless strategy swapping for pioneer firmwares

On the benq 1640 and 165x, has anyone tried replacing the DVD+RW 4x with a DVD+RW 8x strategy to see if that works?

I’d bet that would be asking for grief. :eek:

You might get a better response from this thread

Agree with Chuck44. :iagree:
The problem with write strategy swap on RW’s is the “phase change” technology.
RW disc are burned with two (precise designed) laser power levels. If you try to burn at higher than designed speed -> higher laser power, thus this will result in damaging discs reflective layer.
BTW, this has been answered many times, just adding link and link, that I recall atm.


speaking of there not being enough power, if a computers power box thing isnt giving the computer enough power, would it theoretically be possible to not have enough power to burn a dual layer at 8x giving loads of pof’s?

IIRC there was some discussion in this forum in the
past regarding BenQ drives being sensitive to power
supplies not providing enough power. I think it involved
the 1620, but may have applied to other BenQ’s as well.

I’ve found myself with a Plextor 750. Any chance for support for this drive firmware?

How could this happen ?

Any chance for support for this drive firmware?

ATM only the TEAC-516E firmware is supported, have not added the different firmware packages used for the DQ60 and PX750 yet.

Crossflash possible? I didn’t have any luck trying to go to DQ60.

After checking the media support, the TEAC firmware has the fewest supported media. The Plextor and BenQ have the same.

ala42, there are 5 new firmwares for BenQ/Philips drives that are just released today! I hope you’re not too overwhelmed with them! :bigsmile: :wink:

I know :slight_smile:

5X8 = 40

Please, ala42, take your time, we can wait another 48 hours.
Thank you anyway even if it’s longer :wink: