MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers



Great tool ala42. I will give it a try when I have some spare time. I already used a firmware patcher for the NEC 3500 drive (from Quikee2). Now I also can tweak some Benq 1620 firmware :bigsmile:


I’m sorry, but the wording here is confusing this bonehead (original, renamed, adapted, etc)…

If I want to burn media A using the media B strategy and I follow the directions, then…
I can no longer burn media A at A?
Can I no longer burn B at B?

Obviously, I can burn A at B because that’s the goal, but if I can no longer burn B at B then that hurts, because most likely I’ve chosen stragegy B because I like it and don’t want to lose it for my actual “B” media? :confused:


That was my question, 4 posts above you.
You also missed the third paragraph in post #1 :bigsmile:

This renaming removes the original media code name, so it can not be used with the adapted firmware anymore. I am currently working on a method that will remove this restriction.


Lol =)))


Patching A@B -> A@A ? no, B@B ? no, B@A maybe, your choice :slight_smile:

@zevia: sig. changed :slight_smile:


Thanks, it is clear now (geez, if you read that reply, how?!). So, clearly the limitation that you mentioned you’d try to work around is desirable. I burn lots of TYG02 and love the results, so I’d like to try that strategy on other media, but I’d lose my ability to burn my TYG02 properly if I do so. If you have a media code write strategy that you’d like to try on other media AND you DON’T own discs of the target media code, then this utility is great for experimenting on different strategies. I look forward to the possiblility of trying new strategies without handicapping my ability to burn the “true” media from the codes that I’m testing with…I certainly do NOT want to look a gift horse in the mouth! Thanks for our new toy! :bow:


Anyone try fiddling around with write strategy swaps on OptodiscOR4 media yet? If not maybe when I’m bored later on I’ll give it a go… sure there is a Ritek strategy I won’t use there somewhere I could try…


As nobody seamed to have read the easy to read clear text comment about loosing the original code, I though I should make it a bit more complicated. Read my answer from left to right, stop at each ‘,’ to think about the last passage :).

The table scanners used in the firmware are a bit complex and I do not like the solution I already have to implement the lookup table because I have to patch the scanners at too many places which is potentionaly unsave and will cause validating problems each time with different firmware versions. So I decided to take the save way and to start with unpatched table scanner and use media code renaming to get more strategy changing test results.


Just a question, so if I changed ‘A’ to ‘B’, everytime the burner sees ‘A’, it’ll write as if it is ‘B’. But, what if I want to burn a ‘B’ disc now? It won’t be able to detect any writing strategy for it right? Can I reset the settings to default if wanted? thanks! - just a noob question.


Just thought i’d mention: You have to save the f/w you changed and flash to it. It doesn’t magically change the f/w already on the drive when you make changes.


Right, it will use the default strategy unless you have not moved it to another strategy before.

Can I reset the settings to default if wanted?
Not inside the tool, but you can start with the original firmware again.


ala42: When you save the firmware and the firmware with the same name already exist … your tool just overwrites the firmware without question. It would be better if it would warn you about this… use OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT flag if you’re using VC++ MFC.


I have a strange problem. I used MediaCodeSpeedEdit to edit ProdiscS03 to ProdiscS05. It shows all the available speeds in DVDInfo, but when I tried to burn a disc using Nero 6.6.06 it would only burn @ 4X (the original firmware allowed speed) even though Nero allowed me to select 8X. Any ideas as to why?

And yes I was using the “T” firmware.


@Quikee2: I will change the overwrite behaviour for the release version.


can we expect a firmware with media code edits to be released sometime?? :slight_smile:

many of the strategy swaps look very promising


I think WOPC doesn’t like your media at 8X and decided otherwise.
Th esame happened to me with MCC 01RG20@ 02RG20 ! 18mn burn at 8X !

Do a Qscan 8X with Normal option to verify this.


I have the MCSE program and B7t9.cvt firmware…

In the DVD -R section for LONGTEN001, I am trying to allow this media code to use 2x as well as 4x…

How would I do this ???


The -R media code table is a bit strange. My test media was TYG01, listed in cdspeed as 4x. When changing the next higher speed id byte obviously used for 8x burning, the speed changed from 4x to 2.4x-8x, which does not really make any sense.
Anyway, simply trying to set some speed id bytes to enable a speed that is probably not implemented in the firmware was nothing I wanted to try, so I have disabled this kind of speed changes. You can however change the write strategy to any media that allows slower burning. RitekG05 allows 2.4-8x burning, so you might try this strategy change.


This is awesome! I love it thanks. Now I can do some experimenting with speed of my own.


That’s why I used the Philips 081 strategy for Optodisc OR4 media. I figured the media had a possibility of overspeeding to 8x but I wanted to definitely keep the 4x option open. Turns out the Philips 081 strategy for it was excellent at 8x. 8x works so well on that media with the Philips 081 strategy I don’t intend on changing it or slowing down to 4x for a potentially “better” burn.