MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

MediaCodeSpeedEdit allows you to get even more out of your Benq/Philips burner by applying changes to the official firmware. MediaCodeSpeedEdit also supports models of other manufacturers, see the main MCSE discussion thread for details.

Key features of the Benq/Philips support:
1/ Support for Benq 822/1610/1620/1625/1640/1650/1655 and Philips 885/1640/16LS/1628/1648 DVD writer.
2/ Support for official .exe flasher, .cvt firmware files and unofficial RPC1 patched firmware files.
3/ Increasing the DVD read speed by 50-100% depending on the drive model (riplock patch)
4/ Increasing the DVD write speed by lossless write strategy swapping
5/ Reducing DVD write speed
6/ Replacing of Media Codes with manually entered or imported Media Codes for currently unsupported Media Codes.
7/ Text file export of Media Code and write speed tables.

:cop: Using patched firmware might damage your drive and will void your warranty.
:cop: The use of MediaCodeSpeedEdit is at your own risk.

Supported firmwares:
BENQ 1610 B8M9,B8T9,B8V9
BENQ 1620 B7P9,B7T9,B7U9,B7V9,B7W9,47L9,47P9,G7P9,G7T9,G7V9

HP 400c KH27
HP 630c AH26/CH16
HP 640c ES04/JS04
HP 640v JOU4
PHILIPS DVDR1648P1 P1.2, P2.2-2.3
PHILIPS DVDR1640P P3.2, P3.4-3.6, B3.2, B3.4-3.6, T3.4

Supported DVD writers for DVD read speed increasing (riplock patch):
Benq 1610/1620/1625/1640/1650/1655, Philips 1640/16LS/1628/1648 type drives, read speed increases up to 100%

  • DVD+R/+RW-R-RW - 6.6x start/16.1x end/12x average
  • DVDROM-DL - 6.1x start/14.6x end/11x average
  • DVDROM-DL - 6.5x start/15.5x end/11.6x average (Benq 1640)

Benq 822 type drives, read speed increase by 50%

  • DVD+R/+RW-R-RW - 5.1x start/12.5x end/9.3x average
  • DVDROM-DL - 4.7x start/11.3x end/8.5x average

1/ Download the firmware you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the firmware .exe or .cvt file.
4/ To increase the read speed, simply click the increase read speed checkbox
5/ To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error. Check the Changing DVD±R write strategies (results thread) to see if your modification has been tried before.
6/ Save the firmware
7/ Start the modified flasher or flash the .cvt file with WinDWFlash.
8/ Reboot

Known problems:

  • The read speed patch causes problems with some new video DVD-DL disks which are read slowly. Reduce the read speed in your ripping software if you encounter such a disk.
  • If you do not reboot after flashing the firmware, the ide driver might switch off UMDA2 mode which is NOT visible in the device manager. The burst rate measured by cdspeed will be about 13 MB/sec, the transfer speed test is limited to 10x read speed. Rebooting will solve this problem, but you can also disable and directly reenable the ide port the drive is connected to in the device manager with the same result. This is a general problem and not related to the changes made by MCSE.


Latest Version:

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This first post has been updated to reflect the current development state of MCSE V

Thanks ala42 :bow: Great work so far on what i’ve tested on your patched f/w :wink: Going to love this!

[B]Finally, BenQ/Philips community also have a “speed-up” utility…

Thanks ala42. :bow: [/B]

ala42 > I already have this in beta f/w from you but to get a better understanding i’m asking this. If i want to change CMC MAG E01 to burn at 12x I rename CMC MAG M01 to CMC MAG E01 and uncheck the 16x box and rename CMC MAG E01 to CMC MAG M01? I don’t have any M01’s to get MID off of.

Thanks ALA42

that’s great!!! :bow:

To get CMC MAG E01@CMC MAG M01, first remove CMC MAG E01 by renaming it to e.g. CMC MAG X01, then rename CMC MAG M01 to CMC MAG E01. You do not need any CMC MAG M01 disks to read the media code.

Thanks ala42. I didn’t notice the “X” in the 1st post.

Thanks ala :bow:

This is going to be a long weekend :iagree:

where did I put my 2x and 4x media?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. I see there are some questions on how to change write strategy.
Here comes a simple guide…
(I hope I got everything right.) :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit. My change; RICOHJPNR01@RICOHJPNR02.
Note. You can 'course change to a complete different write strategy, but then you have to change whole MID, “name and extention”.

Nice, everything is right :). It does not really matter how you rename the original media code name to hide it. I took the ‘X’ in the extention so it is still in reach in the sorted media code list.

I was wondering if there is a negative effect to making multiple changes and then saving it out and flashing it? (I.E. Changing the Ricoh JPN 01 @ 02, and Prodisc R03 @ R04) Or is it better to go by a disc-by-disc basis? Thanks!

I can’t change +R to -R.
I wanted to try TYG02 strategy to T02 disks :smiley:
Is that possible, ala? TYG02 starts at 6.7x while most +R disks start burning less than 6x.

zevia > Can you import the MID code? I don’t have any to try.

waa…this is good stuff>…heads up…will BenQ RD ppl will be :bow:

No luck. Anyone? Is it possible to make YUDEN000T02@TYG02?

You can make all changes in one session.

That is nothing I want to try in the near future. I only had a look at the table scanners and have not even searched for the burning engine(s). -R and +R media use completely different table strutures and table scanner, so you can not use -R strategies on +R media.

ala42, another question. If using pinto2 guide changing RicohjpnR01@RicohjpnR02, it will end up with:

RICOHJPNX01 (original RicohjpnR01)
RICOHJPNR01 (RicohjpnR01@RicohjpnR02)

So there’s no RICOHJPNR02 in the table anymore? Did I missed something?\

You missed the third paragraph in post #1

This renaming removes the original media code name, so it can not be used with the adapted firmware anymore. I am currently working on a method that will remove this restriction.

Oops, sorry ala42.

BTW, you need to change your sig. :smiley: (add BenQ)