MediaCodeSpeedEdit and Lite-On drives



Learn something new every day, I just found out about MediaCodeSpeedEdit. I had hadn’t seen it before and I hadn’t seen anything in the Lite-On forum about it either. So, I had a feeling some people might not know that the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool over in the BenQ forum works on most Lite-On drives. This could be useful to some of us with the newer Lite-On models where Omnipatcher doesn’t work. When I loaded up LL05 from my 201AH I could perform writing strategy swaps with +R media, but not with -R media unfortunately. Hey, that’s better than nothing. :wink: Anyway, just thought I’d mention it for those of us who weren’t aware.

Supported DVD writers:
  All Liteon DVD drives from LDW-401S to LH-20A1H (and their Sony clones)

(funny thing is, the tool is in the Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection that I used to maintain and I missed seeing it in there, hehe)


There’s already a thread in the parent forum dedicated to MCSE:

MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers

That thread is now referenced in the sticky Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection thread.


Hi, yes I’m aware of that. Actually I linked to the official MCSE tool thread in my post above and metioned the CLTC as well, hehe. Just mentioning it for those people that might have not read about it yet. :slight_smile:


Actually you linked to the MCSE thread in the BenQ forum. There are several MCSE threads across our Optical Drives forums, and I linked to the one in the parent forum. :wink:


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Our forum has grown tremendously the last two years and it’s not easy to find all information in a glance.
If I had been away for that long time, I sure would make the same “mistake”.

[I]Ssseth[/I], I appreciate your curiosity. :iagree:

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If you check the subjects of the early posts in the main MCSE thread you will see that it even started in the Liteon forum two years ago :).


Hehehe, like I said, learn something new every day! :wink:

Must have been shortly after I retired then. :stuck_out_tongue: