MediaCoder free universal audio/video batch transcoder



I just posted the article MediaCoder free universal audio/video batch transcoder.

    MediaCoder is a freeware application that is 100% spyware, adware free. It takes  a lot of the open source audio/visual codecs and puts them all in one place in  one application for...
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wow, just tried it out and i must say: a really nice piece of software. thanks for the news.


indeed very good program


exactly what i’m looking for since many years !!! Thx !!!


it can edit WMV files. isn’t that how VirtualDub got into ‘trouble’? eh.


Looks great. Hope they release an OS X version as well.


For Mac OS there is a tool allready based on the same opensource FFMPEG stuff. Please have a look at: I can’t vouch for it since i don’t have a mac but looking at the specs it looks about the same.


It [ffmpegX] looks really nice, but unlike Media Coder, it appears it can’t take WMV as an input. 95% there, 5% to go. Thanks for pointing it out to me. :slight_smile: