MediaCode Speed Edit - changing +RW speed on Pioneer 216d

I’ve got some +RW TDK discs with Media ID Philips 041. I’ve used MCSE to redefine the write speed up from 2.4x and 4x to 3.3x, 6x, 8x and reflashed the firmware (version 109, same-to-same).

However, when I load the disc, the capabilities in something like nero cd-dvd speed or dvd decrypter still show 2.4x and 4x as what the disc is capable of. I can’t write to them any faster than 4x (not sure if it would actually work, but I want to try).

Has anyone had a similar problem and overcome it with this drive using +RW media, or with the Philips 041 in particular?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I haven’t tried with my 216, but I can tell you that overspeeding RW media will not work. At best, it will just fail before damaging anything. At worst, you’ll end up with an unusable disc that must be trashed [I’ve personally had this happen] or a malfunctioning drive.

I believe the drive could possible be polling the disc itself for its available write descriptors, which is why – even with the MCSE tweak – you cannot gain any faster available speeds. This is something it doesn’t appear you’d be able to overcome for RW media, sorry.

Do it and you will wreck your drive…

[QUOTE=chef;2415136]Do it and you will wreck your drive…[/QUOTE] …or at least ruin your RW disc permanently.