Any plans, or could Slysoft plan, for AnyDVD’s CD Audio Protection Removal to remove MediaCloq? If AnyDVD can work with mastering errors, why not a simple TOC error?

I’m working with Soundchoice Karaoke discs, so I cannot rip to MP3. I will need to make a full (nearly full) copy to CD.

Do you mean the “MediaCloq” of “Charley Pride” fame?
I didn’t even know, it was used elsewhere!

Yes. I had to do a search… Yes, MediaCloq is of the Charley Pride fame.

A search gave me this pretty in-depth info:

I had already found this “fix”: I had also read that a dry erase marker could be used (but that was just messy and hard to clean).

As I mentioned I’m thinking of Karaoke CDs. SoundChoice has a whole series of CDs that are protected. In reading the article (first link), I see that if the disc gets even a small scratch the copy protection makes it skip or click worse than a regular disc. My Karaoke discs do get used a lot (a lot of in and out of the player).

I suggest you use CloneCD to make backups of your Karaoke Discs. Not all drives can read MediaCloq protected discs, but I am sure there are a few (including the good old Plextor PX-40 CD-ROM).

AFAIR MediaCloq had the TOC modified, that the Audio Tracks are signed as Data Tracks. Quite an effective method, as a lot of drives refuse to read such tracks.

I did attempt CloneCD, it didn’t seem to read from the discs. Though I did not let it go for very long.

Well, this is the wrong forum, but…
If CloneDVD refuses to read MediaCloq and shows read errors, your drive does not read media cloq protected tracks.
What happens here:

The drive “thinks” the Audio tracks are Data Tracks, and tries to perform data error correction on the Audio Samples, but this fails.
The only solution is to try a different drive. I know there were some, which do read these discs.