without spending 5$ a disc for cdr or whatever whats a good fair priced media for burning music onto ??

Or is it possible to get better quality with a much slower burn speed ?


Yes, you can get more reliable burns with cheap media at lower speeds but then you have to think about the longevity of the data retention and the general physical robustness of the disks concerned. In the long run it’s always better to spend a few more cents and buy mid-brand disks for general day to day stuff and more expensive stuff to archive your important data.
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Like i mentioned in another thread, Verbatim Pastels aren’t expensive and you’ll get some good quality media by Taiyo Yuden. Or just buy the genuine ones.


Well we are talking Cds here and so Ritek is still in the running as their CD quality is still good.


CDRs are cheap nowadays, so it doesn’t hurt to buy discs of reasonable quality. Anything from Verbatim, Maxell or TDK will be fine, MMore and Philips are also OK if they exist in your area.

For superior quality, the “pastels” that [B]rapid fire[/B] mentions are among the very best, and also the Plextor-branded which are about the same discs (premium Taiyo Yuden).


thanks for the replies. will give it a try.


If you are located in the US, you can easily pick up Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs for about $30 shipped from These will burn great right up to 52x and are pretty durable.