i was reading some posts and read a reference to value line and premium line discs. what is the difference other than price? how do you tell which is which?
Also i live in the us and currently use fuji film 8X dvd-r discs and do not really notice any problems. what do i look for on the discs that would indicate a problem? And my last question…i can purchase verbatim discs at best buy (5 min from my house) for about the same price as ty discs off of the net. would this be a better option for me? verbatim and ty are close in quality right?

There are no absolutes here. Fujifilm would not be my first choice these days as the majority of them are made in Taiwan by Prodisc and the quality is average at best. If you are still able to get Japanese produced Fujifilms in your area then they should be great discs as they are made by Taiyo Yuden. As for Verbatim, as a whole they run a very close second to Taiyo Yuden since they used dyes produced by Mitsubishi Chemicals. Be warry though as certain lines of Verbatim (ie Pearl White) have started outsourcing to CMC Magnetics and Ritek. If you are going to buy Verbatim stick to the Datalife Plus line as they tend to be the higher quality line.

thanks for the help