I just purchased Sony DVD-R 120 min 4.7 GB 1x - 8x 100DMR47LS3 made in Taiwan. Last week in a response to a question I had, someone mentioned that the Memorex DVD media is a crap shoot. I now agree, unless it is my off brand burner also. They said that Fufi & Verbatim were some of the good ones. Also, they said to look for ‘made in Japan’. Some of the TDK were made in Taiwan & some in Japan.
Please help.
Are the Sony DVD’s I purchased good?
If not what are the good brands & why?

The sony dvd-r 8x should have a sony media code( SONY08D1). Use this free program to make sure.
I have been leed to believe that they are good but I have not tried them myself. I have used the sony 8x+r (SONYD11) and they are pretty good.
Actually I lied. I just realized I have a 25 pack of sony (SONY08D1) with one disk missing. I think I would have made a note had it not burned good (I usally write info on the disk itself if I get a questionable burn). I also just started a kprobe scan and so far it looks plenty good. Based on the content on it it would have been burned on an nec3500. I would give them a try.
Here is a thread that talks about them some.

Your burner is fine. That’s what I’ve ben using for over a year. I will use only TDK of Sony DVD-R’s