Media Write error?

What does this mean? I tried burning a dvd (from the u.s.) and about halfway through writing, it says, “media write error”.

I am burning at DVD-5 with 8x speed on my 8x DVD-R Taiyo Yuden (real ones) on my laptop dvd ±RW 16x burner. Can anyone help with suggestions?

ok…now a diff dvd says “cycle redundancy check”???

i didnt pay for clone dvd/any dvd to have it not work. Any suggestions??

Try doing a search for those error messages. You will find a lot of information about them.

most likely a bad source DVD; it might play fine but not be able to be read by your software. Try cleaning the disc first. If you have AnyDVD you could also try to “rip to HD” with it and that sometimes will get-r-done.