Media write Error

I have recently bought a Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWlD2 16x and it seems it does not want to work properly. The only setting where the drive will at least read disks is when it is set to slave, i have tried master and Cs.I have also replaced the ide cable with the one provided with the burner. The drive can read dvds but cannot burn anything. In clonedvd, it says i have a media write error and have gone through about ten different dvd+r and dvd-r disks and no luck. When I try to burn with nero it says i have a communication error. Also the firmware will not update. If anyone can refer a link to me or give me some tips that would be awesome.


Sounds like a bad drive… just because its new, doesn’t mean its good. My first reaction would be to return it for an exchange.

Another tip for you as well. Try investing in some DVD -/+ RW 's and use them to trouble problems and if it screws up, erase the disk and startover. Don’t go wasting DVD-R’s or DVD+R’s for nothing.

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Thanks. Good tips.

I got a new drive and the problem is still occuring. Very frusterating. Any more tips?

What type of blank media are you trying to burn?

Do you have DMA enabled for the drive?

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