Media Write Error Using CloneDVD2

Hello, I am new to this so hope I won’t sound stupid. I just got an LG GSA-E40 DVD writer and I am using Panasonic DVD-Ram media 2-3x. The last write error on clonedvd said “Media Write Error- WriteDVD 10 11 W2”. This was the second time. I didn’t retain the first write error details which was on a different DVD Disk. I thought I would try a different one(new) and still got the Media Write Error. I even set the write speed to 1x. HELP! Any suggestions:(

Well if antone is interested I went out and bought TDK DVD-R Discs and the movie wrote fine, completed with no problems. Guess either Panasonic DVD-Ram’s are no good or they just don’t work well with my LG DVD Writer?:disagree:

It is the program CloneDVD2 as I don’t think it can write to DVD-RAM.

@ Dr. Who,

For what its worth CloneDVD version supports writing to DVD-5, DVD±R DL, Min DVD, DVD-RAM, and CD-R Media.