Media write error! Help

I have never used AnyDVD or Clove DVD2 before. I have downloaded both. The programs are working fine until it attempts to write to DVD. Media Write Error.
10 11 W 2.
I am using version My burner is a NEC DVD + RW ND-1100A.
When writing should begin it prompts me to insert blank disk into drive E: although disk already in place. So i eject and re-enter then it says erasing and then writing begins usally followed by the write error. Please help

Well …since you got a media write error, what kind of media are you using?


Memorex DVD + RW

Déjà Vu all over again. Memorex DVD + RW is your problem. Never buy them again. Please do a cdf search: keyword Memorex.

Also RW media is unreliable, use -R media or use +R and booktype it to DVD-ROM.


What does booktype it to dvd-Rom mean?
Also I will try the sony dvd + R, I have some here. When i used to use dvd x copy the sony + R disks would not work. But I will try this again.

If your drive is not made to booktype +R media to DVD-ROM then you are better off sticking to -R media for broader player compatibility. Buy Sony -R (as long as the packaging states Made in Japan), Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim. Buy them on line if your stores don’t carry them.


Out of about 40 dvd’s i’ve never had problems with Memorex 16x DVD+R Discs. That’s kind of weird.

@ branden726,

Perchance using Nero CD-DVD Speed have you done an ScanDisc and DiscQuality scan on your burned Memorex 16x DVD+R disc? You might be surprised of the results. Just because a burned Memorex 16x DVD+R disc appears to play properly does not mean that it does not contain errors due to poor quality media, which will cause the burned Memorex 16x DVD+R, disc to fail and become unplayable in the future.

If you are interested Nero CD-DVD Speed is available for free download at

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ok I used the sony dvd + r and it worked. I have a few more questions. It took 58 min. to complete. When I used to use dvd x copy it only took about 20 to 30 min. to complete. I checked my dma they are all checked. I looked for new drivers for my disc drives using windows and it said no new updates available. I have
Liteon DVD-Rom LTD 163 version 5.1.2535.0 16x
Nec DVD+RW ND-1100A Version 5.1.2535.0 4x
Shouldn’t it go faster? Also in AnyDVD should I have enable speed control set or not?
I have my speed set on clone dvd 2 to 4x. One more quick question when I put in a movie to watch in DVD-Rom drive Dell Media experience automatically opens. Could this cause conflict? I don’t know how to stop that that program from opening.
Thanks so much, you guys are great. Sorry for all the dumb questions…LOL


Shouldn’t it go faster?

We can’t tell from your limited information provided. You didn’t tell us what movie your are backing up, how long it is, whether your are compressing it onto one SL disk or splitting it. Using a 4X burn speed is giving you more reliable backups. The Sony’s are rated at 1X-8X correct?

You also didn’t name what DXC product you used or what version number but depending on that, some DXC products didn’t have a burn-speed control … it just burned at the max speed of your burner/media combinations capabilities which is real bad with those crappy Memorex blanks.

58 min is not an unreasonable over all backup time if you are transcoding with CloneDVD and burning at a nice, safe, reliable 4X.

AnyDVD’s speed control set to slow & easy for the ripping drive, can help a bit if you are experiencing problems from reading through scratches on an original or if the original has mastering or manufacturing defects. Not alot of help, but a little. AnyDVD does not affect the burning phase at all.


Don’t know anything about HP stuff but there must be a way to stop the autostarting player. But autostarting stuff, in general, can cause issues under certain backup conditions. Look in the settings or preferences for the player software. If you disable autostart, you can still make a desktop shortcut to start it up if you do ever want to watch a movie on your computer(yuk!). But most just watch movies on their home entertainment systems for better quality viewing and surround sound.