Media with stickers, problems in drives?



I have recently had some issues with my DVD drive because of the discs I have been inserting. I don’t have a DVD player (standalone) so I have been watching some films on my laptop, discs that I have received from (film rental). Some of the discs make a screeching/friction sound upon spinning up, and down. I have tried nero cd speed, and slowed down as slow as possible, and I still have the problem. The reason why the discs do this is because they put a big round sticker on the inner part of the DVD.

The sound is very scary, and one time when I opened the drive tray I noticed the top of the DVD, in the centre had some moisture on it. I’m guessing oil or lubricant. Now is there any other way I can avoid this issue? Also, is there a big chance my drive could be getting damaged from this?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I’m new and I wasn’t sure where this fitted.



As far as the discs themselves go, I don’t think there’s much you can do except complain to about the damage sticky labels can do (one of the sticky threads in our CD & DVD Labelling and Printing forum could be of help there if they require further reading). :wink:

Having said that - you don’t say what model your drive is. This could be helpful if a firmware exists to slow down read-speed (long shot, but there might be one).

Or another option would be to either bite the bullet and get a standalone, or start renting from somewhere else :wink:

Hopefully other members can offer help or suggestions as well. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Although this isn’t strictly blank media related, I’ll leave the thread here, as there is a lot of knowledge regarding sticky labels here. :wink:


I’ve used Tesco DVD rental (which is lovefilm) for about 3 years now, and have gone through hundreds of discs ( in my PC drive) without any problems.

I get more annoyed by the state that some of the discs arrive in, mainly with peoples dinner still attached!


Yes the discs are really in a bad state upon arrival, I always clean them for the dust before inserting them into my drive. The discs are always really scratched up, quite disgusting how little people care about them. No matter who the DVD belongs to, I always try to avoid getting dust/dirt/marks on the surface, but it seems some of these people use their pizza boxes and dustbins as CD storage.

It doesn’t seem to be every DVD which is odd, maybe 1/5 or something, or 1/8. Not sure why you are having no problems though. I tested the troublesome DVDs in my desktop and I also had the same problem, in an old Samsung drive.


[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2173149]I get more annoyed by the state that some of the discs arrive in, mainly with peoples dinner still attached![/QUOTE]

LOL! :bigsmile:


Samsung SH-182D here and my drive despises those Lovefilm discs. I have had lots of problems in which I have feared for the drive because the noise was so loud. I remember hearing about a software that slows down the Samsung drives, does anyone have a link for this please? I have found that both Nero and DVD Decrypter slowed down to 4X still has these issues, so this program is my last hope. I have confidence that the DVDs will not be damaged in the drive, I just wonder what the process does to the drive itself.