Media with fast degradation

I need some CD and DVD media with severe stability issues for a project. :slight_smile:

Currently, I only know these disc types that are both available in my area and have stability problems:
RITEK G05 8x DVD-R (Maxell branded)
Moser Baer 52x CD-R (Imation branded)

Are TDK 003 (MBI-made or CMC-made) sensitive to degradation as well? Do they degrade fast?
What about Ricoh Silver-branded MBIPG101 R04?

Does anybody know more media that also has degradation issues?
(I don’t believe it’s easy to get Plasmon here now :()

Thanks in advance!

I had a couple of Sony AccuCORE D11’s that went South in a pretty short time. They were from a coloured 10 pack, and strangely, others from the same pack, kept in the exact same conditions have held up well.

I believe there was some speculation at the time that they were MIA.

Go figure. :slight_smile:

one question about ritekg05. if RITEKR mid is made by ritek , RITEKF i made by FUJI, the who makes RITEKG ?

Thanks [B]Arachne[/B]! :slight_smile:

I would love to hear some recommendations on media that definitely, or at least with a high probability, goes south in a short time period :slight_smile:

Anything with RITEK* is made by Ritek. RITEKF1 is made by Ritek with Fuji’s technology, while RITEKG0x and RITEKR0x are made by Ritek with their own technology.
(Exception: RITEKR05 made with Ricoh technolgy, RITEKP16 made with Mitsubishi technology.)

thanks kg_evilboy. i presume that G means - goes south very fast. here’s post by you about TDK 003

Yep, but I want to know others’ opinion as well :slight_smile:

Actually G is for “General” (traditionally, there were two types of DVD-R: [I]DVD-R for Authoring[/I] and [I]DVD-R for [B]G[/B]eneral[/I], however DVD-R for Authoring is not used anymore).

G = grotty, gross? :bigsmile:

I’ve done a bunch of test discs recently, so I’ll post back to this thread in oooh, six months’ time :wink:

anything with ritekg05 dye degrades very fast. no name CD’s with CMC dye i bought few months ago degrades extremely fast. i bought few of those, i burned all but one when i got home, scanned and got awful result with C2 errors. the one unburned CD that i left aside, the after two day got all filled with bubbles and spots. maybe they weren’t stored properly at the store, but i’m not buying CMC cd’s againg. for DVD’s CMC was pretty good for me.

All the VDSPMSAB-coded discs by Interaxia Digital Storage Materials AG. In about two years their scans start to aquire some gradations of red and violet ;).

Hmm should be easy.

[B]!!! PRINCO !!![/B]

That you ask.

Not sure if this helps but a few years ago a company trying to become a vendor for my employer sent some sample dvd’s for us to test. They were manufactured in either China or Hong Kong by a company called Anwell if I remember correctly. Media id started with an AN3. They burned initially ok (not spectacular by any means) and trt’s were good. Within 6 months they were unreadable.

Anwell is probably infosmart.

Hmm some good old infosmart -R’s are probably crap enough as well.
Also who made those uber crap fake TYG02’s.

Also I think platinums CMC-MAG-M01 might also be a good candidate. Burned a disc 2 days ago on the philips. Which I could read the same day on the Pioneer and philips. However today I can not read it on the pioneer anymore. The philips however reads it fine. All other media I tried was recognized fine on the pioneer. :confused:

I wouldn’t say all interaxia media. Seeing that the 3A manufacturerd disc (which should be interaxia code) that I tried to read today worked fine.
But I do agree that most stuff with interaxia codes is perfect landfill.

why do you all hate princo so much. i have good experience with princo. every princo dvd from 3-4 ago still works fine on my PC. everybody here uses princo and nobody has complained except. you may not get a beautiful looking perfect quality scan, but those DVD will work in the years to come. princo budget DVD’s and silvertop princo CD’s are probably the worst recordable media , but i am talking about white top princo media which is pretty decent IMHO.

Sounds like my CMC MAG E01s :bigsmile:

Because in every aging test princo showed a excellent performance for fast degradation.

Specially the budget stuff and the cd-r’s and cd-rw’s.

Most times they were the media that performed most awfull.

[B]About some cd-r’s[/B]

Some cheap ass Ritek Cyanine would be nice.
And about MBIL. Quality isn’t as bad as it was. Most of my imation MBIL’s are still alive and in perfect condition. I can not say the same thing for the old BASF MBIL’s which could degrade fast.But then again BASF extra is asking for trouble. Except the few the semi-decent riteks.
So princo’s cd-r’s would be nice.
Let’s see what else.
Cheap ass Prodisc stuff. The disc’s for which prodisc themselves give a lifetime of 5 years !!!

By the way, are there any aging tests of RITEKG05 anywhere on the Net? Results?

Enough plasmon stuff for hands. Disc’s like verbadil. Yeah they even tried of to copy verbatims topstyle or black Q-dac disc’s with plasmon code.
Q-dac seems to have a nose for crap media. No matter what the MID is or who made it. It allways seem to suck.

I probably could fix you some VDSPMSAB 01 and DDDessau V20 if you really want them they scored – in c’t test.
From DDDessau we know that it uses a cyanine dye, which shouldn’t be the most stable stuff that can be found.

Some proof for the people who keep saying that princo is great media. (japanese sunlight test with 8x princo)

Also very crappy bonded TYG02/TYG01 will probably also do fine.

And TDK003 Luxembourg and MBIL made are also not the most stable media.
Burn it as fast as possible. Because at 16x the change of faster degradation is higher !

The ricoh MBIL’s are very tricky media.
It seems that they are very drive dependant. Or better said Solid burn can help these perform very well. However the behaviour on other burners is very unpredictable and most times bad.

Incase of RITEKG05. I suggest use the search option of this forum or use google. There should be enough scans of befor and after.
I also suggest that the later batches of G04 are just as crap.

Also G05 test results of C’t should be there in the summary posted at cdrlabs.
Hmm and why did it suprisingly perform --. Hmmm :bigsmile:

But then again it looks like Ritek found the way up again. Since so far the 16x stuff performs stable and for the +R also quite good if the drive supports it in some way or the other.

japanese sunlight test with 8x princo

Maybe the sunlight is a less important factor since the discs can be stored [I]properly[/I].

But I personally am really interested in the following question:
is the degradation problem able to be caused by something like bad sunlight resistance of the dye, bad bonding etc., or the discs can degrade just because of time, for no obvious reason. Though, maybe the second variant can also be right, and it can be explained by dye’s bad chemical stability and hence the tendency to decompose :confused: .

two months were long enough for them :clap: :Z

Hey it’s still longer than some G05s :bigsmile: