Media which one would you choise can you help

HI all right i found out that alot of people like ty disks but i find thay are just to much money for me so what would you pick from here in order

1.Verbatim “Full Face Printable” (16x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50
2.2 packs Infiniti Inkjet Printable (16x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25
3.2 packs Datawrite Titanium “Printable” (16x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of

all above use MCC03RG20 dye the only diffrence is that the verbs have AZO in the dye what ever that is and the printable surface area but what would you pick

or would you pick

Photo Printable Verbatim “Full Face” (8x) DVD-R Disc in Spindle Tubs of 50 which use the MCC 02RG20 dye

or the Ritek Silver Printable (8x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50 that uses
RITEKG…05. dye

I have a pionner a107 i want the best disk for my money out of these options i can only write up to 8 speed i dont know which is better the
MCC 02RG20 or the MCC03RG20 dye or the ritek G05 dye

now if you do say the MCC03RG20 is the best out of these whi9ch of the three would you pick that uses this same dye i can not understand why the verbs use the same due as the Datawrite and Infiniti but are £10 cheaper ???

all i want is the best disk to use the most compat with dvd players and the best made disk i hope you can help

Verbatim every time.

These m8 i dont see the point buying 16x media if you have a 107 :wink:

Photo Printable Verbatim “Full Face” (8x) DVD-R Disc in Spindle Tubs of 50 which use the MCC 02RG20 dye

mr brownstone why verbs whats the diffrence between verbs and Infiniti and Datawrite as thya all use the same dye ???

watermark the verbs 16x use MCC03RG20 dye and the 8x verbs use MCC02RG20 dye
which dye is better made or has less error rate i am not bothered what speed the disks are i want quality dye so this is why i need to know which is the better dye between the MCC 02RG20 or the MCC03RG20.

and that why would i pay another £8 on verbs over infinties or datawrites that use the same dye ??? what has verbs got that thay dont

and what is so bad about the riteck G05 dyes ??? i can get a pack of ritek G05 for £13 and a pack of MCC infinites for £16 or the MCC verbs for £25 i would prob pay £16 for the MCC dye over the ritek as many people on here say G05 are crap and MCC are exellent but why are G05 crap the G04 where great and why are MCC dyes exellent

thanks all

Ritek G05 used to be great but they have had many public problems with quality control lately so they are to be avoided.

Verbatim MCC 02RG20 can be made by either Prodisc or CMC with the Prodisc version much superior. As to whether the MCC 03RG20 is better than the MCC 02RG20 you would really need to know someone at Verbatim to answer that question.

Given that it is hard to always insure that you get the better quality -R 8X it might be better to get the 16X, but someone would need to determine if they might be made by CMC as well. Otherwise I would get the cheapest MCC 02RG20 as both versions are pretty good.

FYI I get the best scans with MCC 02RG20 on my LG 4163B.

I had a Pioneer 107D and it was just an average burner. You might want to upgrade.

but if it was made bye CMC it would have a CMC id code on the cd would it not I thought all MCC was a better dye than CMC ???

Makes no sense to me either but Verbatim with MCC media code is made by CMC and Prodisc through some sort of subcontract relationship. MCC media code is still better than CMC media no matter who makes it but MCC made by Prodisc is better as well than CMC. I assume MCC makes something them selves but who knows.

Probably like Coke. Rarely made by Coke, just licensed through local bottlers so it tastes different depending on the water.

Also there is a thread dealing with different brands of MCC media and quality (in Europe).

A 107 is unlikely to be well tuned for 16x media codes, as it’s not a 16x drive - you may even find that it drops them to lower than 8x, so I wouldn’t consider 16x media at all.

The 8x Verbatims are probably a better bet than the 16x.

The dye code on the media detemines the write staretegy gor the drive - eg. if it says TYG02, it will treat it as TYG02, even if it’s fake.

Among the non-faked codes, there are good and bad examples, like the G04 / G05 codes that are now insanely variable - a good example can be really good, but some can be awful.

As well as the name on the media (which you DO know), the media code (which many online suppliers do give), there’s the country of manufacture, and the actual maker (made for “X”, by “Y”) is very common, and also the grade … Grade A, grade B etc. are widely thrown around, but it’s hard to determine.

The other toughie, what media does the drive favour… that can make bad media look good, and good media look bad.

so really there is no good result, basicly if it works use it so there are no good or bad disks just depends on your writer and reader

are G05 dyes all that bad then or do`s it just depend on what G05 manufature you get ??? i just want the best backups disks i cna get and a good price as tys are to much

G05 is highly variable in quality, the best is a little below the quality of average G04 media.

Thanks mainly to those criminal (IMHO) b*stards at E-Net however there are a lot of B, C and Landfill quality G05 being overprinted and sold as A grade (atleast thats the case here in the UK). :frowning:

"Thanks mainly to those criminal (IMHO) b*stards at E-Net however there are a lot of B, C and Landfill quality G05 being overprinted and sold as A grade (atleast thats the case here in the UK). "

Actually if you have a look on this thread here you will see

Over print and ritek downgrade isnt a problem which is attributed to e-net both the big ritek distributers in europe used to sell down grade. (conrexx and e-net). But both of them have cleaned up their act recently. Conrexx still sell overprinted 4x + in the form of arita ( isaw that on the latest pricelist they provided) . E-net at the moment are not selling any overprinted Ritek product.

I have tried the Ridisc xtreme and that is a very good disc. We have had no customer reclamations on this at all.

If you want to avoid Ritek products all together try one of the cmc mag products.

As to the Infiniti discs

Nothing to do with e-net or Conrexx afaik

Although you might as well make the best of the last of the 8x discs, as good quality ones aren’t going to be around for much longer. On the main DVDR page, you can also buy sample packs, lets see what the High-X Printable contains: (an 8x selection)

1x {DV 3139} Taiyo Yuden Full-Face Printable (8x) (TYG02 genuine)
1x {DV 3159} Datawrite Printable (8x) (CMC MAG AE1)
1x {DV 3183} Ridisc Silver-Printable (8x) (RITEK G05)
1x {DV 3186} Datawrite ‘Titanium’ Full-Face Printable (8x) (CMC MAG AE1)
1x {DV 3156} Bulkpaq Printable (8x) (various - TTG02, MCC, CMC MAG AE1) - pot luck!
1x {DV 3206} Ritek Full-Face Printable (8x) (RITEK G05)

Even if the only test you can do is full speed transfer rate, it may be worth “wasting” a whole sample pack, so if nothing else, you can rule out those that are not even that great to start with.

If you can scan the burns for PI/PIF (DVD Infopro supports the Pioneers, but a drive that’s better known for scanning would be better), then you can add a more definite judgement on which are burned well.

The RITEK full face printable is likely to be the better example of G05, and the Datawrite CMC MAG AE1 coded media seems to do ok on drives that give good results with that code