MEDIA - Verb SL and LS on sale at Best Buy this week (5/28)

25 pack of 16x DVD+/-R verbatim media for $7.99

30 pack of 16x verbatim LightScribe $24.99

15 pack of 2.4x Fuji DVD+R DL $29.99

50 pack of Dynex CD-Rs $5.99

there should be a 10% off coupon floating around on this forum that someone posted the other day.

EDIT: here it is

Any idea if the Fuji DL is any good? I seem to recall people saying Verbatim was the only good DL on the market :expressionless:

i wouldn’t buy it.

i think it could be either RitekD01 or RicohJpnD00

Ricoh might be alright, but I have no idea if you can tell them apart or how oyu would form the packaging, and I still only trust verbatim for DL burning.

i figured I’d post it anyway though considering I was already posting the rest of the optical media from the ad…

no point of taking risk since you are looking at $2 a piece. If you are willing tp pay $2 a piece, then wait for Verbatim to go on sale unless other branded media is a lot cheaper.

Thanks reasonsnotrules for information these are very good sales items, I might consider getting Fuji DL since I have almost 800 DVD blank for the time being.

i’m excited about the lightscribe media! I’ve only been able to find HP or Memorex light scribe at decent prices and I’ve tried to resist temptation thus far. I’ve had my 1655 for a LONG time now and have yet to play with the light scribe features. I can’t wait to head to best buy tomorrow so i can start playing with making light scribe labels to see if I like them or not!

~ $0.75 per disc (+ tax) for light scribe seems like a pretty good deal in my opinion
(that estimate takes the 10% coupon into consideration)

my first Light Scribe Disc:

SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE v. 4.3.0192
Light Scribe Driver
Extended Label Contrast Utility Applied
Time: ~ 35 minutes

I’m not sure what I think. The design I picked wasn’t too detailed so I guess it’s not a good benchmark. I’m not crazy about the lightscribe bronze/gold color to begin with.

if you get them on sale they’re pretty cool (and as a bonus, the verbs are goo dmedia MCC004). I paid $.78/disc including tax at best buy (sale + 10% coupon)

Verdict: I’ll use up the 30 pack that I have. they are pretty cool I guess. I wouldn’t buy any more unless the price comes way down though.

the dvd lightscribe disks must use a different coating then the lightscribe cds. the cds are alot clearer and not as dull as the dvds

it could have been the image i used.

i’ll try another one later on.

heres what i do. copy movie(your choice). then watch with roxio player,when i find good picture in video,i click snapshot.then review.use nero to put pic on disk.finally put name of the video on dvd. work great & have been doing since i got my 1655.
just wish prices would come down more so icould stock up! cheers

Yup, remember it was only a couple of days ago that Newegg had that crazy sale on the 10 pack D/L DVD+R Verbatims for $1.70 a disc (including shipping) up front and only 90 cents a disc after mail-in rebate. The specials on this media seem to cycle through in one form or another so keep your eyes on it.

who the hell needs lightscribe when you can buy yourself an Epson r220 and print full color images on dvd’s directly which is a hell lot cheaper. I love the way the prints look.

If you are near a frys, keep an eye out for them to put refurbished epsons on sale. I got an epson r300 for 50$, no rebates (less than the cost of the set of ink cartriges that came with it) and it does a great job cd/dvd printing.

Merely a matter of preference. :wink:

or a combination of addiction and curiousity as the case may be :wink:

i’ve had this LS drive for a good month and a half now, and I’ve been waiting on a good media sale…this was as good as any with $15 off plus 10% off coupon!

some of us like ot experiment! nothing wrong with pumping a little money into a hobby

(unless you have no income like me haha…)

That is true. Some people have to be the guinea pigs for things so we know what works.

hey reason:
the image u pick is key. also u may want to try the Extended Label Contrast utility. it does add another ~ 15 min 2 burn time. sad as it may seem, with the highest contrast, a label takes almost 45 min to burn. i have found some of my labels r less than stellar, yet others come out xtra crispy. just an fyi, the hp lightscribe (cmc mid) burns are phenomenal. i have a scan in the 1655 forum for review. i got a 30 pack at staples for $12.00. it was $15.00 and then i used my ink coupon.
btw, good luck with the job hunting.

i actually did use the Extended thingamajig. it’s tuesday which is movie day! as soon as I get back from my shopping and have new movies to back up I’ll give another one a try hopefully with a better image.

thanks for wishing me luck! this whole being unemployed thing is going to start seriously cutting into my dvd purchases!!

at least when i worked part time at blockbuster i didn’t have a lot of money, but i got a good discount on stuff!


Given this opportunity - I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven-eh!


What a spirit, at least you dont have to worry about copy protection on movies when you are working for Blockbusters, you get used movies from them for cheap and not worry about what burners to buy, which blank media are the best quality for the money, and ripping DVDs.