Media Usage Habits - How long do you store your blanks?

After buying blanks, how long do they stay in stock till they are all used?

Depends on my usage. It seems to go in spurts.

Yeah me too. Can be a month, can be 4 months.

Some CD-R media I have are about 6 or more years old.
But normaly I use a 50pc spindle in 2 Month.

WHOA?! 6 years … i;m surprised the metallic coating hasn’t bronsed cos all of my burnt ones from that long ago are dead.

Most of my several year old CD-R’s are still fine … CMC, Verbatim and Ritek … no problems really with any of them. An odd dead disk, ussually due to physical abuse rather then degradation.

I’ve got some Princo’s (DVD-R) that I plan on storing forever before I use them, haha :wink:

I picked one month, even though in a stack of 100 CD-Rs, I may use like 60 to 70 in a week, then have the rest sit for several weeks.