Media Unrecognized

Howdy all…

I have a NEC ND-2500A DVDR and when I put a DVD +R in it, I cannot write to it, and the icon in Windows Explorer changes from “DVD-RW Drive” to “CD Drive”.

These are new disks, TDK 16x DVD+R

Is the speed of the blank disks the issue? I assumed (and I know what I get for that), that 16x was a max speed and that my DVDR would still be able to use the disk, but at a lower speed. Am I mistaken?

I’m sure there are many posts out there about this, so I apologize in advance for my dysfunctional searching ability, but I turned up zip/nada/zero about this.


What DDVD burning program are you using. Welcome to the forum. You should absolutley be able to burn 16X media at 8x.

Thank you.

I’m using the built in Windows XP program to burn DVD’s. Expressly, I’m trying to make a backup of Windows Vista from the MS Digital Locker and it is calling up the built in program. I have no other buring software installed.

Xp does not burn dvds-you need something else like Imgburn.Xp will burn cds.
Imgburn is free.

Oh ok, assumptions got me again. I’ll check it out. Thank you.

Vista will burn dvds.

You should update the firmware first.

Check out the NEC section, please. :wink: