Media type changed to CD-ROM after burn



I have this weird problem, that I can not find anything about on any forum/website/newsgroup.

I am using WIN98SE/Nero/Nec ND-1000a. Sometimes after burning a CD-R or CD-R/W, the media type has been changed to CD-ROM. This is very unfortunate, as I am unable to use the disk afterwards for further writing. I have used different programs to check the media type, they all give the same result. The problem is manufacturer independant: I have used LiteON, Sony, Arita.

How is this possible? I thought the media type was ‘hard coded’ on a portion of the CD-R that can not be overwritten.

I tried the following: upgrade Nero from version 5.5 to 6.3. No change. Upgrade the firmware of my Nec to the ND-1100a. No change. I suspect it is my Nec, because I have never experienced this problem on my LiteON burner.

Is it possible to force Nero to burn the CD-R, even if it is reported as a CD-ROM?

Thanks in advance for any information on this weird case!


Please post a screenshot of this ‘phenomenon’ showing the mediatype.


This is the info from kprobe. Before burn:

Disc Type CDR (A+)
Manufacturer Customer Pressing Oosterhout
Material Cyanine
Media ID 97:23:61
Length 79:59:74
Capacity 702,80 MB
Free Size 702,80 MB
Free Blocks 359847
Total Tracks 1
Maximum Read Speed 40x
Maximum Write Speed 8x
Current Write Speed 8x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 8x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2 4x CLV

After burn:

Disc Type CD-ROM
Manufacturer Unknown Manufacturer
Material Phthalocyanine
Media ID 25:75:75
Length 25:75:75
Capacity 2267,00 MB
Free Size 0,00 MB
Free Blocks 0
Total Tracks -1
Maximum Read Speed 40x

This was a CD-R, that is converted into a CD-ROM, but the same occurs for a CD-RW.

In the mean time, I found this thread on this forum. Although this is about an ND-1300a, it seems to be the same problem.

If I’m not mistaking, the ND-1300a is nearly identical to the ND-1000a.


is alcohol 120% installed on your system?


If your using Alcohol 120% uncheck the option isolated in the image and your problems will be gone :wink: