Media topology isn't required? But it is

Hi all,

I try to backup my DVD of UT 2004 (protected with SecuROM 5) and I am having some problems with merging the topology information into the image file for mounting it in an A120% virtual drive (with Daemon Tools’ BW5 plugin).

First, I make a (100 %) *.bwa with BB5.1, which works flawless with my Toshiba 1712. After that, I open the BlindWrite Tweaker 1.5.6 and use the following settings:

Basic settings:

  • Include Autoplay Info
  • Start Page: Read
  • other options by default


  • Writing Topology: Write with Autoplay
  • Topology Method: Fast (CD/DVD)
  • Read Topology: Always extract
  • Browse: …to the *.bwa
  • Extraction Speed: 8x

Advanced Settings:

  • by default

When I now try to read the image with BlindWrite (or the new, topology information is not always read and merged to the image file, because BlindWrite thinks, that “Media topology isn’t required”. It works about 1 out of 5-6 times.

So whats the magic behind it making it working correctly? :confused:

Is it related to the software, my DVD-ROM or to the media, which has some small scratches, because it was bought second hand from my local rental store? The media is readable though and the scratches are really tiny and should not affect the procedure.

Any help would be appreciated. :iagree:

Thx-a-lot in advance. :bow:


P.S. You may take a look in the logfile, attached to the posting. (Attention: These are two attempts, one successful, one not)

Just burn the dvd with blindwrite and apply the newest patch. From what I have read, the new patch removes the protection.

Good idea kid just started typing how to solve it, but this is the shortest way :slight_smile:

Yeah, you are right about applying the latest patch in regard to the copyprotection matter. But after doing some trial & error I found out, that the DVD was hurt a little bit more than visible (which was visible in the log too, but obviously I was too blind…).
I changed the read speed to 1x and checked “Fail” for “Handle on read error” within BW-Tweaker and it seems to work now (5 times in a row).
But what I don’t fully understand is why I get read errors with BW and no read errors with A120% (no read error in 10 attempts) with the very same disc at the very same speed with the very same optical device.
But hey, I am not complaining, at least it works. :wink: