Media to use with BTC 1016im

I have the I/O Magic 16x which seems to be a BTC1016im, upgraded to latest firmware A07m, burning with Nero

I’ve tried Teon (6 disks) and HP disks (4 disks) which identify as CMC MAG E01 disks, with bad results. Nero fails on verification and so does CdCheck. Almost every .avi file has errors and get stuck while playing and won’t continue.

In the Media Support List BTC claims that the CMC MAG E01 disks are fine, well they don’t seem to work for me, unless I’m doing something wrong. I just ordered Ritek R03, hope that works.

Can anyone tell me if they have had any better results with these disks (and maybe what I’m doing wrong).

What disks work best for this burner?

Hi gfrankel, I also have the same drive that you describe. I have had good luck so far with 50 pack spindles of Sony 8x dvd+r disks. These have mid code yuden000t02 which is on the compatibility list. Yuden disks are usually really good. I know these aren’t 16x or double layer but they work good for me. The sony (taiyo yuden) discs say “made in Japan” which is what one person on this forum says is the thing to look for when buying good media. Watch out though, the 25 packs of sony dvd+r are not the same disc even though they look the same. Hope this helps!


Anyone Else?

I too have had very good luck with Taiyo Yuden, which were sold at Fry’s under the FujiFilm brand. IT was a 25 pack of 8X +R. I just got a 100 spindle back from NewEgg of RiData 8X DVD+R, media code Ritech R03, which appear to burn fine also. For the Ritech and TY media, I get CDSpeed scores of 90+ on almost every burn. PIE stays less than 100, typically hovers around 20. PIF peaks at 4-6, typically stays at 0 or 2.

By contrast, the GQ brand disks I got from Fry’s were totally useless. CDSpeed scores of 0 every time. PIE of 500-2000, PIF of 20-200. Surprisingly, most were still readable without errors on my DVD player and my computer, but some were just coasters.