Media to avoid on the DW1620

I like the Legacy media for it’s price and the fact that it actually works.
They only ever send me Daxon AZ2 (wacky but workable), but I hope they’ll send me some of that Prodisc you mention. The only thing wrong with Prodisc is that their Inkjet printable media rots and the stuff is allergic to labels. So, maybe the no-frills version would be an even better deal. :wink: I buy their 50 packs when they go on sale for $13 and I’ve never had bad luck with them. Legacy=saving the lives of cheapskates one disc at a time. :wink: So, I don’t think that they belong on a media-to-avoid thread.

That Legacy media that you guys are referring to - what kind of tops does this stuff have? Are they shiny silver or Silver Matte or Branded like the Ridatas somehow? I hate Shiny Silver - I have a 50 pack of AVB 4x media that I haven’t even began to use because of the Shiney Silver surface but that media is code is GSC001.

Any have experience with Memorex 4X + RW media with this burner?

See attachment:

Dishinit, that’s a great RW burn!

Braxas, GSC001=poison. So, I guess the AVB brand takes it’s place on the medias-to-avoid list
Your question about Legacy +R medias: They’re shiny silver with a bonus cat-crap like odor so you can find them in the dark. But, they actually do work.

Thanks Dishinit for the scan…i just ordered some Memorex 4X RW but i dont think my media code would be philips…

I’ve got three brands of 4X +RW that work very well in the DW1620. Memorex, which was already mentioned. Fuji which is a ricohjpnw11. And Legacy which is infodisca10 I believe. All three work very well in this burner. And I only mention the Legacy disks in an earlier post just to get some feedback on them. I’ve got a couple hundred 8X +R disks and I’d just like to feel secure in thinking they’ll still be fine a few years from now.

After all the great opinions about the Benq DWL1620, I picked up one up along with an ND-3500A to compare with my LG 4160B, and Pioneer A08 drives. I have previously owned many other drives from Pioneer, LG, NEC, and a couple Liteons.

My acid test has always been burning some crap MEDIAID001 code 4x DVD+R discs. All drives mentioned are running the latest firmwares (B7T9 & G7Z9 both tested, 2.18, A302 and 1.18 respectively). Strangely enough the only time I have produced discs which actually completely fail a CD-Speed read scan is on this new BenQ drive. I tested it with both of the Bx and Gx firmware, and it fails at the same point every time during the reads. The PI/PIF indexes slowly begin elevating beyond the 3GB mark (4x burn), and then without any bump in the read curve, they suddenly fail completely.

On this same media both my 4120B (A111) and 4160B (A302) produced discs with extremely high PI/PIF readings, but they read fine. I must say I was expecting more from the BenQ drive. When LG burned discs with PI averages > 700 read better than a BenQ-burned disc with a < 60 PI average (prior to the point of failure), something must have slipped through the cracks with the firmware. Someobdy go rattle BenQ’s cage about this media code…

I would have to say thus far my Pioneer is the best of the current stuff at burning nasty media (both low PI/PIF readings and providing a usable disc).

Yes, but the problem is how long will that media last in the long run? I had some of that stuff left over from when I had my NEC ND2500A. I couldn’t do quality testing at the time but it played back fun. I scanned one of those discs shortly after getting the BenQ and the results weren’t all that pretty either. I would’ve “failed” the disc had it not played back properly. This was also with the 001 media code - supermediastore media this was. On TY, Ritek, Optodisc, etc… the BenQ outburns my NEC ND3500A now… can’t say for the 2500A since that drive is dead. :frowning:

The anticipated use of a flagship 16x drive does not involve intense consideration of the very worst media types. Nor does it involve very much consideration of phase out medias. In fact, the point of owning a 16x drive is to use 8x and faster medias that will produce quality results. It’s a bit of an error in logic to put the worst 4x stuff in the latest, high quality, high speed drive. :wink:

Anyway, try using it for what it was meant for and I’m sure you will be pleased.

After seeing the memorex 4x dvd+rw scan, I tested my Philips media with the same mediacode (Philips 041) and was surprised to find the result. So far, I had only tried to rewrite earlier burns from my NEC 3500 and found much higher PIE and PIF counts, even after doing a full format.

I forgot to mention that I actually prefer Ritek-Ricoh W11 as RW for my BenQ. Better value per disc. Similar or slightly better Disc Quality scans

Just to update my post about the MEDIAID001 problem on my DW1620, strangely enough it was a Master-Slave problem. Today while attempting to burn a CD on the BenQ I noticed the system being dragged down as if DMA wasn’t functioning…I checked and confirmed that this was the case. Strangely enough DMA was functioning previously, but the CD-Speed read testing was failing near the later (higher speed) portions of the disc.

So I swapped the master slave positions of the DW1620 and the LG 4160B which is on the same cable (LG became the master) and now the MEDIAID001 disc tests fine using CD-Speed. I have had other drives slaved to the 4160B in the past without probs, and never any DMA init issues. Apparently the DMA init was either unstable and causing read issues at high speeds or in rare cases like this, failing to init and thus falling back to PIO mode. I have been working with the drive for 2 days thus far and this has been the first PIO init issue I have experienced. For reference sake it is on a VIA chipset running the latest 4in1 driver set.

I had actually switched the jumper positions to make the DW1620 the master when I installed it as I trusted the LG more to function correctly as a slave to another master. So it looks like a different firmware issue to address for BenQ than I originally thought.