Media to avoid on the DW1620

Is there any particular media to avoid when using the DW1620?
So far I’m having great luck with all the leftover media that my Lite-On piece of crap couldn’t burn worth a damn.

Just avoid POS media in general, particularly the fake TY discs from Infodisc in Hong Kong.

Dupsonic 8X DVD-R’s from Newegg - they are also Fake TY’s. Other brands like Supermediastore media, Linkyo, GreatAZO, HQ, etc. Any of the cheap medias basically as Jucius said. Pay a little more for better name-branded quality media and you’ll be much happier with the drive in general. :slight_smile:

Then I’m glad I asked. I was browsing supermediastore and it looked to have some of the best deals. I guess maybe I won’t shop there after all. So far the Legacy disks from newegg and even the cheap Teons on sale at staples are working very well. Also, the +RW by Legacy and Fujis do very well. I even got some 8X Memorex on sale at Staples which are prodiscro3 (same as the Legacy) so I expect good results from them. This drive even does well with the Uninfino I’ve had laying around for ages. Weird brand. Probably never see them again. I don’t think I’d buy any more anyway. All I can say is if this drive keeps it up this is what a writer really should be like.

There is nothing wrong with supermedia store its thier store brand that sucks. If you purchase good media with them then you wont have any problems.

Remember even if cheap media burns well, how long will the disk be readable? I’d stay will quality media like TY02 that you can get on sale for under 50 cents.

Yep, the time a disc remains readable should always be a consideration.

I bought some really cheap media to test (£4.50 for 25, DVD-R 4x). Coasters with any burn over 3Gig. With smaller burns I found my home made DVDs would work in all the players I tested.

Less than a month later… none of the discs were readable in any player :eek:


Also stay away from - media that only burns below 4x (i.e 2x). I don’t think the BenQ burns - media properly at 2-2.4x speed.

A short bit from my posting a while back of media for the 1620.

Here’s a list of media NOT for the 1620:
4MSYS202C1-4M_SDR39302 4x
DDT01001-DDT +R 4X
DT-D0202-EDD+R 4x
Dvsn A001-DST DVD-R 4x
Dvsn-80-DigitalStorage DVD-R 8x
EMDP0000-E-top +R 8x
FORNEX101-Fornex DVD-R 4x
GSC001-GST DVD-R 4x (GSC001-type)
GSC002-GST DVD-R 4x (GSC002-type)
GSC004-Gigastorage DVD-R 8x GSC004-type
GSC502002"-GigaStorage+R 4x Pony"
IS01001-InfoSmart +R 4x
LDA02-LeadData+R 4x
LEADDATA01"-LeadData DVD-R 4x GQ-R4X"
LONGTEN0021-Longten +R 4X
LONGTEN003-Longten DVD-R 8X
LONGTEN0060-Disc+R 16x
MUST003-Must DVD-R 8x
NANYA-JC001-NanYa DVD-R 4x
POMSC001002-3A +R 4X
POSG06-Postech DVD-R 8x
ULTRAN102-Ul-Tran DVD-R 8x
UME01-UmeDisc DVD-R 8x
VDSPMSAB0011-DigitalStorage +R 8x
WFIA40001-WealthFair DVD-R 4X
WFKA1121100-Wealth Fair+R8X
WINGSHING08-Wingshing DVD-R 8X
Yi Jhan 001-YiJhan DVD-R 4x
YiJhan002-YiJhan+R 4x
YiJhan003-YiJhan DVD-R 8X
YiJhan004-YiJhan+R 16X

For more information see the original thread:

I would like to hear about medias that record well at first, but go bad later!
Maybe I’m using one of those for my backups? Who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite a list. Fortunately, I don’t have anything on that list.

has the media on that list been tried with b7s9 firmware?

how long can the list more ?

That’s what i’ve experienced with some Ritek G03 (1x/2x) discs, only burn speed available was 2.4x & discs were not burnt correctly, NEC2510 & Pioneer 106 burnt the same discs perfectly fine so best to stick with newer generation discs for the Benq (which is what i bought it for :slight_smile: )

any troubles with burning 8x media @2.4x?
I have burned 8x media @2.4x with no problem. havent had any media that only burns under 4x

I could not burn BENQ 4X -R discs. I could not even get them to recognize. Needless to say I am having some hardware/config issues at the moment.

what firmware have you tried b7s9?

What do you guys make of Legacy media? Particularly the prodiscr03 stuff?

Havn’t had the chance to try any 8x-rated media at 2.4x yet (The fact that 2.4x is as slow as the Benq writes probably betrays it’s +R leanings/roots as it should support the -R write speeds properly if it was true multi-format).

Only Old 2x -R media is likely to have the problem of burning under 4x only as the Benq has less support for over-speeding -R from what i can gather.

I have tested using firmware B7P9 these 2 DVD-R medias which I usually use:
Verbatim Man. ID: MCC 01 Media ID: RG 20 DVD-R 4x -> reported unsuccessful Lead-Out
Maxell Man. ID MXL RG Media ID: 01 DVD-R 2.4x -> Bad Block before Lead-Out (x2)

It seems that writing at 2.4x speed really does not work well as mentioend above. It also seems that the 1620 doesn’t like DVD-Rs. I have used both these medias without problems on NEC1300A and Pioneer A104 - burnt over 100 Verbatim DVD-Rs without a single failure at 4X.

I have a fresh install of XP Pro with SP2.
DW1620 is OEM with the G7H9 (I think, I’m not at home right now).
Running it as Master on IDE 2 with DMA enabled.
nForce2 motherboard with Microsoft IDE drivers.
Using the ASUS cables that came with the board.
Nero would not write and set max speed as 2.4
DeepBurner would not write.
I uninstalled Nero and DeepBurner and will reinstall later tonight and try some Maxell 4X +R discs I bought today. I will do the software install with Norton Antivirus disabled. The drive was tested on an almost identicle system with no problems. If I can’t get it to work, I may use it for target practice tomorrow. :eek: