Media that works with Plextor 716A

Plextors don’t really like low-quality media, even with AutoStrategy, so that’s not an issue with your drive specifically. Stick to the high end stuff and you should be fine.

Nope, Sony 8x DVD-R will be SONY08D1 and it burn at 8x only. The one that can burn 16x is Sony 8x DVD+R Made in Japan since the MID code is YUDEN000T02 (Taiyo Yuden).

If you get Sony 8x DVD+R Made in Taiwan, it will be SONYD11 and burns at 8x max.

Get a Verbatim 16x DVD+R! :slight_smile:


I finally did it. :a After months of tweaking and waiting for better firmware to correct my issues with Burning @ 16X on the PX-716 - I returned it Friday. :sad:

I now have the BenQ 1640 as “the” 16X / DL Burner (at 1/3 the cost) in my system :iagree: along with my Excellent Plextor PX-708a :bow: for Ripping DVDs and Burning Cds. The PX-708a also is an excellent 8X DVD Burner.

I really didn’t want to go this way but found little peace in having 2 Pextors that burn well @ 8X. My loyalty to Plextor has been shattered. I’ll look hard at the next generation of Burners before I give Plextor another go. :rolleyes: