Media that works with Plextor 716A

And so, i was wondering…if u guyz have tried… any of this media with plextor 716A model.

I checked the plextor…website. THey have sort of a different collection there…compared to what I get in the stores in toronto.

This is what I get in stores here: for 16x speed.


SmartBuy 16x DVD-R

they have other media too, but they are either 8x or 4x.

So, wondering…if any of u guyz have tried… the bold Media… and it worked with plextor 716a?


Neither Ritek nor Prodisc 16x media is recommended with the 716A. Are there no BestBuy stores in Toronto? Those should carry Verbatim 16x which generally works well with the Plextor.

oh ya… bestbuy is there. But, dude… u know these dudes… like to jack up and amplify their prices… I never shop there u know.

but, i will check out the price…

man… i checked it: its $24.99 for 25 discs. Thats not cheap dude.

Watch for there sales!!I have bought all my blank media from BB,just have to watch there sales!!No good deals this week.Last week they had Fujifilm 8x,100 for 39.95!!They burn at 16x on Plextor!!As long as there “Made in Japan”!!

Until today BB have the Sony 8x dvd+r 50packs on sale for $17.99, if they are made in Japan , they are Taiyo Yuden T02 media ,highly recommended to burn at 16x with the 716.

sorry ur saying, that the above Sony media at 8x, if they are made in japan are equivalent to Taiyo Yuden T02?? and they will burn at 16x speed?? :slight_smile:

Yes, at 16x and with great write quality.

but, fuking BB doesnt have that sale u mentioned. Doh!!

dude, but thats the american website. I want the canadian. Since i am in Toronto. :slight_smile:


I too am Canadian and have been looking for media at a decent price that can perform at 16X on a 716. I heard that the Fuji +R @ 8X will do 16X -but the Best Buy product I bought recently was Ritek R03 Rev 02 (actually the same product is sold here as Maxell 8X as well with -of course- the same reults). The Maxell labled stuff doesn’t even do 8X great according to Plextools. I’m throttling it back to 4X and get great Burns there but that isn’t what I spent the extra hundred on the Plex to do. I wanted 16X :sad:

Even some Memorex labled 16X (RICOH JPN R03 Rev04) won’t make acceptable (PI/PO below 280) burns at 16X. It too does great when throttled back (8X) but again I want a 16X burner (I have an 8X Plex 708a which has been terrific.) :a

I have a buddy who I convinced to get the Plex, and with my Memorex Media he gets reasonably good burns at 16X (PI/PO below ~20 peak) so it may be my Burner. I got a BenQ 1640 for $49 (Canadian) this week so I installed it last night and will compare it to the Plex Burns with the same media / pc. If it burns better than the Plex 716, the Plex goes back to the Store. :rolleyes: and are reputable TY dealers and the prices at both are reasonable (between C$0.50 and C$0.70 per disc). Of course, you’ll have to pay shipping, too, which can add up to C$0.15 per disc. Unless you live in Kitchener (blankmedia) or Vancouver (NCIX).

@Jim: I got one of those inexpensive 1640s recently, too. So far, it’s not blowing away my PX712a in the quality sweepstakes, but it’s no slouch either. It might not out-and-out beat the 712, but the gamestats so far are 1 win, 2 losses, and two ties.

Not bad for a plucky little unit that cost less than 1/3 what the 712 did.

how much did u buy the plextor for in the store??

And one more thing… I have a Smart Media DVD-RW at 4x. Put it in the plextor. It burned fine! no problems at all.

ya this has a nice price on the TAIYO YUDEN 16X dvd-r 50pcs. for $25.99. But, damn shipping is gonna cost me… another $10. thats a killer.


I paid C$160 for the PX712a in July 2004. I paid C$53 for the BenQ 1640 in October 2005.

Considering you get top of the line quality blank media, $35.99 delivered to your door isn’t that bad. You could schlep all the way out to FutureShop to cash in on some sale, only to discover they’re out of stock. Next weekend, same thing only buy some unknown MID from Maxell or Memorex, get home and discover it’s shite. Then it’s back to FS, stand in the exchange line forever explaining to a clueless clerk about why your drive doesn’t like Prodisc or Ritek MIDs, get something else unknown in exchange, try that and hope for the best.

For me, $10 is worth all of that - and then some.

hey people,

I found these ones in a store for a fine price: Sony 8x DVD-R Spindle 50-pack

Just wondering, would my plextor Burn the above 8x rated media at 16X speed??

as DVD predator was saying…that…etc.


My Plex cost $150 at Costco of all places. I made sure it was TLA #0307 to get past the bugs in earlier releases.

I am in Vancouver so I’ll see about the Taiyo Yuden @ NCIX. Thanks for the tip!

The BenQ burned in 5:49 & tested out with Nero on the 16X Memorex below:

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSMB
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 15
Average: 6.36
Total: 73654
PI failures
Maximum: 13
Average: 0.23
Total: 2237
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 11.0 %
Average: 9.07 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 9:39
Number of samples: 17820
Average scanning interval: 8.02 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Looks like the Plex needs to go Back. :rolleyes:

I dont know whats wrong with this model?? Its so expensive in the market too… damn.

Well, with me:

I bought this plextor on EBAY. This guy in brockville, ontario posted the auction. SO, i knew i wanted to get my hands on the plextor… cuz, it was new according to him. And also, they were not a lot of people bidding for it.

So, the total came out to be… $73CAD, when i won it. So, not really that bad… compared to the retail price.

When i got the drive, unfortunately It died on me. I was not sure, if the drive got screwed during shipping, or it was not working originally.

Upon asking the seller, he said he didnt really get to test it as it was left as a store demo.

So, I am not sure here…too, cuz, the drive wasnt packed the best way. If the box would be shaked, there is a chance the drive would bump to its walls of the box. There was no foam or nothing. Just the drive wrapped in bubble wrep.

So, either the drive got messed during shipping, or that guy sold me a not working drive…

Well, luckily… the drive was manufactured in april 2005. So, it had warranty on it. I placed an RMA through which is the canada side… RMA and warranty coverage facility.

:slight_smile: I packed the drive pretty nicely and sent it through courier on a Wednesday. The drive got delivered to memofix on Thursday morning i guess.

Luckily, these guyz had a replacement drive in hand i guess. So, they shipped the replacement immediately through purolator.

I got the drive the next day, which is the friday… So, 2 days!! which was pretty sweet.

The new drive is working well…except that it has problems with generic media…