Media testing software for HL-DT-ST GSA-H73N DVD drive

I have a Dell XPS 630i running XPPro SP3. The DVDRW SATA drive that came with it is HL-DT-ST DVD RW GSA-H73N

Trying to do some media quality scans, Nero DiscSpeed does not woirk with that drive.

I also have a Liteon DH20A1S drive, for which Discspeed works fine.

Kprobe, as I understand it would also be OK for the Liteon drive.

Anyone know of software to test the GSA-H73N drive?

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

You cannot perform PIE/PIF scans with LG drives. It’s not a limitation of CDSpeed, the LG drives don’t have this feature, that’s all.

Check the FAQs in the LG sub-forum.

Thanks for response. apologies for not searching before posting my question.