Media test for BTC1004

Hi all, hi Marco

I bought a BTC1004 last week and I will show my experience.
I had acquired also 10 pieces DVD-R from BENQ. This DVD is made by Sony.
My System is a K7VTA pro, 2000+ Athlon, 1 GB Ram, 2 x HD 23 GB (MA and SL Port 1), BTC 1004 (MA Port 2), Plextor PlexWreiter 12/10/32A (SL on Port 2).

After installation the BTC and NERO I have tried to burn a 3.8G data-folder as a test.
The simulation tells me : all ok.
The burning says: ok,
the verification says: can’t found file !
The NERO disk info says: empty disk. Uuuups.
Looking on the disk, it is empty.

Then a next trial of burning. A shorter track is burned, but NERO says at verification: can’t found file.
It is a little bit burned on the DVD but it is unreadable.
Then I look onto the WWW and I found this forum. Very good ! I read the msg’s of the last months and I learned: It is more difficult to burn a DVD as I was thinking. Because this I have updated the FW to V45.

I found the list of compatibility and I look for the right medium. For the test, I bought different DVD’s and tested this then with the same test-file. I bought 1 piece of:

BENQ DVD-R Sony CEO900|290902|CIMI 20 unwrite/-readable

FUJIFILM DVD-R TAIYOYUDEN UA317104400GA CB000162 ok 0 errors

Conmark DVD-R Ritek G03 H5-6L16305083603D18 2 (4) errors

Sunstar DVD-R Lead Data A2VK4303C253 13149 A1 G20 01 50007 3 (3) errors

Sony DVD-R DMR47N2 MCC01RG20 VH3603IA096905 ZC1946-DVR-H47A 2 (4) errors

FUJIFILM DVD+R RicohJPN R00-01 C405RP301094057B081 D0116610919R ok 0 errors

TDK DVD+R RicohJPN R01-02 K3703731C106RS3071602A0312 D1109A30602R 2 (2) errors


FUJIFILM DVD-RW JVC/Victor T7 22 SR03697CD06 AFDE RM1C ok 0 errors

FUJIFILM DVD+RW RicohJPN W01-01 V3101896B21 R02032318384 D0121510807W ok 0 errors

The RW’s are tested by InCD

The errors, detectected by BNERO, are not all real errors. A file-compare by NORTON shows often less unreadable files.

All DVD’s except the sunstar are available at “Conrad”, a big seller in Germany.

Unfortunately I found only one medium DVD-R (readable in my stand-alone DVD-player, a Sony DVP NS330).

I hope the next DVD’s from FUJIFILM DVD-R will works also proper.

Best Regards


PS Excuse my poor english

Sorry to hear about all your troubles with your new burner. I have the same burner and - though it’s challenging to find compatible media (to say the least) - it works like a charm for me.

I suggest you start by downgrading the firmware to 0043. I’m not sure what’s wrong with 0045 but it seems like BTC is aware of the problems themselves - at least it’s no longer available on their website and has been replaced with 0043! The problems I had with 0045 is very similar to yours. I was unable to verify medias burned with this firmware in other DVD-ROMS. Secondly I suggest you update Nero to the latest version. AFAIK this is Personally I use Nero and it has been a while since I last tried v5.5.x. I’m not sure how often v5.5.x is updated these days, but it was solid as a rock the last time I used it.

If this doesn’t help I suggest you try some other mastering software like NTI CD & DVD Maker 6.5. You can get a free trial from NTI’s website. Remember to uninstall Nero and restart your PC before installing other mastering software. Otherwise you might end up with conflicting drivers. To play it safe you might want to run the Nero 5.5 cleanup tool after uninstalling Nero 5.5.

Now for some download links:
Firmware 0043
Nero 5 Clean tool
NTI CD & DVD Maker

Oh, and please remember to keep us informed of your progress.

Best of luck,

P.S Do you have the website address of “Conrad”

Thanks for the information Peter.
First I will downgrade and then testing again. Monday I will get more DVD’s. (It’s very expensive to find out the best! The best? Anyone working!) ;-(

The adress of Conrad is:

Best regards Dieter

I don’t know why but i get different results with almost the same hardware.I mean i have the BTC DVDRW 1004 FW:0038 and i use as stand alone dvd the same SONY DVP -NS330 and a cheap
BLUESky DV2400 and so far i didn’t have big problems.Here are some results i can provide you:
TDK -R 4X ( TYG01 ) playable with no errors at all to both of them
TDK +R 4X(RICOHJPNR01) no errors in SONY, some freeze in BLUESky
SONY NO NAME 4X (SONY04D1)no errors in both of them
MMORE -R 4X(MBI) no errors in SONY some freeze in BLUESky
NONAME DVD-R 4X (LONGTEN001) no errors in sony quite a lot of freeze in BLUESky
PRIMEDISK -R 4X(RITEKG04) no errors in SONY some freeze(1-2) in BLUESky
SKC -R 4X (SKCCo.,Ltd.) no errors in SONY quite a lot in BLUESky
SENTINEL -R 4X (SKCCo.,Ltd) same as above
SENTINEL +R 4X(RICOHJPNR01) no errors in SONY no more than 2-3 freeze in BLUESky
RIDATA +RW 2,4X ( RICOHJPNW01) no errors in both of them in 6 rewrites so far
PRINCO NO NAME -R 4X ( PRINCO) I used a lot of them in 16 no errors in sony but some freeze in BLUESky and in 4 of them some instant pixelation in sony and some freeze in bluesky.
I am using DVD2ONE 1.30 for recoding and NERO for burning
So my conclusion so far is that SONY DVP NS330 plays back almost everything you put it in and BTC 1004 is quite a decent writer that works good with many media

Hi npats, (sorry, I found no name)
sure, I think the most of the media works for video, audio and so on very well. I havn’t test ist. My interest is a backup of my PGM’s and data. And so I test on sensible data-structures.
The test goes on.

Originally posted by dl7udp
[B]Thanks for the information Peter.
First I will downgrade and then testing again. Monday I will get more DVD’s. (It’s very expensive to find out the best! The best? Anyone working!) ;-(

The adress of Conrad is:

Best regards Dieter [/B]

Please don’t forget to upgrade Nero as well. It might have much bigger impact on results that you might think :slight_smile:

And check this thread for media compatibility


As i read you guys again, i just can say i replaced the BTC with a NEC ND-1300A and can now burn any type of media, even cheap, so far tested: PrimeOn, Princo, Ritek G04, TDK, Intenso (all DVD-R 4x) and not one single one failed, but they all failed on the BTC 1004IM before (even the replaced from marco).

Not to say you should buy NEC, just what i can tell you from my long “trip” with this burner.