Media Suggestion/Problem

Recently I went ahead and bought a Liteon 812s and got 1 DVD-R 4x and 1 DVD+R 8X that came with my drive.

For some reason the DVD-R failed both times, and not been having luck with the DVD+R

What media should I get, I want to get about 30 disks for about $25-30 dollar range.

What I don’t know is I tried using one of Nero’s tools on the DVD+R and “made it a data disk” because it told me to. However, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I canceled it. I was never able to use that DVD, anyone know/care to explain what happen?

Also first thing I did was upgrade the firmware, to the current version. I do have a question perhaps you could answer. Does the 1232 have better/more media support for the normal DVD-R and DVD+R disks?

What program do you guys use when you burn a dvd?