Media suggestion for 1673S JS05


I was using BenQ 8x DVD-R’s… bought a spindle of 100. They are SONY08D1 media.

They were pretty good until recently. I can’t figure out if it’s my new 1673S (used to have a 1633S) or the JS05 firmware, or maybe a spindle that has started to go bad in the middle, but my PIF’s are getting nasty. Usually 4 max, or 3 max, but generally I see much more red in Kprobe. Especially toward the end of the disc, it becomes horrendously PIFy.

Is it possible the 1673S is much worse with this media code? Is there a way to get a new write strat? I have about 60 of the discs left. :frowning:

Failing that, what is recommended – I hear DVD+R is much much better. Wouldn’t mind getting Verbatims but I’m not sure where a good place would be to buy them in Toronto. The BenQs I have now were only 38 canadian for 100… great deal. Pity they are starting to suck.

Note: I tried burning to actual Sony branded media. Same media code: SONY08D1, but without the white printable surface (shiny instead). Scans are WAY WAY cleaner… wonder if my spindle sucks. I have noticed some discoloration when I look at the spindle … the edges seem a bit more unevenly purplish toward the middle of the spindle.

If you already see some discoloration at the edges,
unevenly purplish toward the middle of the spindle.
Then I don’t think the media will give you any good burn…!