Media speeds

if your burner can burn at 16x for dvd’s or 52x for cd’s should you buy this speed media and burn at a slower rate or buy an 8x or 4x blank media. thanks

Regarding CDRs: I tend to buy 48x-52x CDRs, and burn data at 32x, and audio at 16x.

Regarding DVDs: As a rule, I tend to burn 8x media at 8x, but with 16x media, I burn at 8x and 12x most often, and only use 16x for testing purposes.

It all depends on what your burner and its firmware think of the media you feed it. If your burns aren’t going too well, experiment with different speeds.

But if you buy quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

I agree 100% here.

I do most of my burning at 12x with Verbatim 16x±R but I have good batches of both and scan often. When I am in a hurry (or making a friends disc) I do burn at 16x but I almost always scan it and run a TRT test.

I do most 16x and 18x burns just for testing

For CD-R I do the same, I have never had any problems burning 16x for Audio and 24x for data, it doesn’t take much longer and you should get much better burns.

basicly diffrent medias (or media codes to be more exact) “behave” diffrently among diffrent burners at various speeds , if your a person that will settle speed for quality and you want the burn to have the best quality possible with your burner, then you should as alredy said to experiment with different speeds , then do disc quality scans decide what speed gives best results for that media and just stick with it

Well, mid range speeds are usually the sweet spot in most cases. With 16x DVD, 8 or 12 is good. With 8x dvd media, 8x or 6x are usually best though.

With CDR, if using a high speed writer, I go for 32 or lower. Burning at like 48 or 52 makes barely any ground over 32x. We’re talking 30-40 seconds only. 32x usually burns with better quality.

But as others have said, experimenting does not hurt.

It dosen’t matter to me much because I always burn my DVDs at 4x or 6x and my CDs at 16x. I prefer burning all my disc using CLV.

If the topic doesn’t matter to you why do you post?