Media speeds

I bought some DVD-R disks branded as Benq 8x with a lead-in code of SONY08D1 and they burned in Nero 6 at 16x on my NEC 3500 2.18.
I recently bought some more disks branded as Benq 8x but they have a lead-in of DAXON008S and they will only burn at 8x.
The company I bought them off say that Benq now only use this lead-in code but that Benq say they are exactly the same disk.
Is there any way I can burn these disks at 16x?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

unless the writing startegy has changed or the speed has been bump’t up in the FW then there’s no way.Go here and see if this thread helps out any.

So is it fair to say that these new Benq disks are not the same disks as the old Benq disks?

it is possible that the physical disks are the same and just the media id has changed…but i doubt it. either way the media id tells the drive what write stratagy it should use to burn the disk. you could try media code speed edit… this program will let you burn thesse disks using the sony write strategy. if they write with good quality then great, if not, then just switch back. hope this helps…

Spryfly…thanks for your reply, but according to the home page of the software you mention, my NEC 3500 writer isn’t supported.
Its a pity as this looks interesting.

:o :o sorry. for some reason i thought you had a benq 1620… :o :o

i am pretty sure that 2.TB RC2 can burn daxon 8x at 16x. see the link in my signature.