Media Speed Question (Opinion)

I know a lot of people disagree with the best burning speeds. I read a lot of threads on here, and I slowed my burning speed down. A lot of my movies were messing up at the very end.
Anyway, when some you guys recommend half the speed for burning, do you mean half the speed of the media, or the speed of the burner?

Example: 16X Burner with 8X Media. Would you guys burn at 4X or 8X?

The only reason I ask is because I never seen it specified in the threads I read.

Thanks For Any Input.

Welcome to the forum. It all depends on the media and the drive/firmware. Most newer drives do the best with 8X media at 8X and 16X media at 12X, but if you post what you are using, it might change. It has been a long time since I burned anything at 4X because the faster speeds were junk. I think it was Chinese made Ritek :Z R03.

The very end is where it is the most difficult to burn well so the faster speed may be the problem. It also might indicate poor media to begin with.

Hi wldctj8, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

As chas0039 said, it depends on the media, the drive and the firmware.

As a general rule I burn both 8x and 16x DVD media at 8x in my burners, because the quality is almost never worse at 8x than at higher burn speeds, but even at 12x the burn quality is often slighty worse or there’s a slightly higher risk of a bad burn.

Because of some compatibility problems, I burn at 6x in my Optiarc 7173 drive and at 4x in my NEC 4551 drive.

You will seldom if ever go wrong with burning 8x and 16x DVD media at 8x in current desktop burners. In laptop burners I suggest burning at one step below maximum speed.

My Bad Guys. I was going to write my burner info on the post and forgot.

My Secondary Master is a Sony DVD810A 16X with updated firmware.
My Secondary Slave is a Lite-On SHW-160P65 16X with updated firmware.

I got Office Depot Brand DVD-R. Iususally always use quality media, but after x-mas Office Depot had a 100pk spindle for $8.00. I couldn’t pass it up. I bought 6 spindles. So far burning at slow speeds with this media has been ok. After reading a lot of these threads I was really learly of backing up my movies on the Office Depot brand media. For that price I thought I would give it a whirl.

Thanks Again

I personally would burn 8x media at 4x in my 16x drives. 16x media I’d burn at 12x which basically confirms what you were saying about half speed burning.

But specifically, I tend to follow the “half the speed of the media” rule. :wink:

I don’t think that with quality media that there’s any need to burn 8x media at 4x. Some 8x media - specifically Taiyo Yuden T02 +R - burns virtually as well at 16x in some burners as it does at 8x.

Yesterday I tried one of these at 4x rather than the 8x rating and the burn was definitely worse than at 8x.

However, everyone has their own views on this so you have to decide what you feel more comfortable with having read what members write here.

You should download CDSpeed and see what the media ID is for your Office Depot stuff. The last time I checked it was Ritek; an almost universally despised brand.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get a hold of 8x TY media. If I did, then I might try burning them at 8x because it’s reliable media isn’t it?

The reason why I said to burn 8x media at 4x is because nowadays, the only 8x media that I can get are either second class or third class media - basically average media.

Some of these these discs can fail during a burn. I would know, it’s happened to me before. That’s why I said, just to be on the safe side, burn 8x media at 4x - especially for average or crappy media.