Media speed code edit issue not working



hi guyss i am in a turmoil. i want to burn my cheap media with 2.4 x but only speed that it allows is 4x so i found out this program media speed code edit but it isnt working my drive is lite on i has 324 e also known as i has 324-17 eu but the img burn read it 324 e. so the problem is that when i load my firmware the latest 4l17 every thing is greyed out. the firmware doesnot show in firmware load box every thing is grey out i tried with other firmware files but the result is same. i am on windows 7 i dont get this issue at all. please help me out.


MCSE was discontinued, and does not support any new drives from the past 3 years, pretty much.

There is no known way to accomplish your goal, unfortunately.