Media Size not detected

Anyone have this same problem? No matter what size media in insert in my LTR-32125W, it does not report anything larger that 702M. So… I can’t write to any disks that are over that storage capacity.

Please help… Philly

Welcome to CD Freaks, Philly! :smiley:

The symptom you describe is perfectly normal. To write to 90 or 99-minute media, you’ll need to “overburn”. What software are you using? If you’re using Nero, go to the “Expert Features” tab in the Preferences dialog box and enable overburning.

In CD Speed you can actually run an overburning test to see how much data you can actually fit on that particular CD.

You cannot use the Wizard in Nero to burn as you need to set Disc-At-Once, not Track-At-Once, in order to overburn. Or else, it’ll just keep spitting out the disc… You also need to enable Finalize Disc.

Interesting, but why is it that even when browsing, the OS reports 702M no matter what size media is inserted??

Because its micro$oft?